From a leftie to a rightie

A question (from a rightie) and answer (from a leftie) from Kiwiblog:
David Garrett Says:
November 22nd, 2012 at 2:52 pm

RRM: Serious question…do you believe that those of us on the right – even the far right – can also have compassion for the worse off, but a very different view of how best to help them?

Or is “compassion for the poor and disadvantaged” solely the preserve of the left?

RRM Says:
November 22nd, 2012 at 3:38 pm It depends on who exactly you mean to encompass when you say “us on the right” David…

I’ve read plenty of opinions on these threads that you pretty much deserve to bleed out through the stump of your missing leg if you don’t have the appropriate medical insurance… because why should I pay any taxes, at all, ever? So I’m a little concerned that if you go far enough to the right, eventually you reach the Ayn Rand / Redbaiter zone where a lack of compassion for anyone besides number one seems to be pretty fundamental to their core beliefs.

Whereas on the left at the moment, the main problem is well-meaning but incompetent fucking idiots with no idea what they are doing or of how bad and counter-productive their half baked ideas are. But basically they want to help people… they just struggle to comprehend piffling details like (a) how far is too far before it all starts to look a bit socialist, or (b) how on earth the country is supposed to pay for it all, or (c) whether they want/need/deserve to be helped.

(To say the political left in NZ wants to turn the country into a communist state as part of the global long march towards socialist domination is as inane as saying that you can’t trust John Key because he MUST be corrupt, he’s wearing a suit.)

Basically I want a political party that is committed to the country being the kind of village that helps citizens raise their children, cares for the sick and makes sure that no-one starves in the gutter, because that is what sets humankind apart from the other animals.

But at the same time the right is probably correct that there’s a lot of waste and frivolity in our system, that only exists because there was a budget for it last year so naturally it continues.

If someone started up a new major party tomorrow, to seriously contest every seat in the next election, and they were full of smart, practical guys who were proposing to focus on really improving the environment for business and the parts of the welfare state that really matter, by radically shaking up tax, social spending, justice etc to cut waste and reduce the amount of frivolities to save taxpayer money by only doing the important stuff but doing it really well, and if they didn’t have any dicky social theories about religion or morality they wanted to impose, and they weren’t utterly corrupt and beholden to vested interests like trade unions, I’d probably support them.

Neither Labour or National are that party, although of those two National certainly seem to have a better handle on reality at the moment.

I don’t know if this is of any help; it all makes sense to me, in my head… ;-)

That doesn’t really answer the question but I thought it worth posting anyway, I suspect it would be a common sort of view amongst non-aligned voters, and very similar to my own.

And a righty response:

David Garrett  Says:
November 22nd, 2012 at 3:57 pm

RRM: No, that makes sense…and the short version is “Yes, some of those on the right – even the far right – have genuine concern for the poor and disadvantaged”….You just gave a much fuller answer!

I have enough understanding and compassion to believe that.

Response to ‘WAR ON THE POOR’

A comment worth repeating from Kiwiblog “Helping kids in need”:

  • RRM  Says:
    September 12th, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    How the hell does it help vulnerable children – if their (vulnerable) parents have their benefits cut?


    All this WAR ON THE POOR…

    Penny Bright – I have to ask – do you have to work at being such a complete fucking moron? Or are you just naturally gifted?

    It helps vulnerable children by compelling their parents to get them to ECE where they learn to become socialised in a class of other kids, which helps get them ready for learning at school.
    It helps them by compelling their parents to take them to get seen by a Doctor or a Plunket Nurse occasionally.

    No-one is going to cut the supply of free taxpayer money to ANY parents, UNLESS the parents choose not to meet a few basic obligations to care for their child, that any sensible parent would be doing anyway.

    This is not “war on the poor”… this is “war on crap parents who suck at what they do and need a kick up the arse.” I wish it well.

    ;-) Regards;


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