Trump fully briefed on Flynn’s calls with Russian ambassador

Donald trumps problems with media reports deteriorate as even Fox News slams him and raises serious issues about Michael Flynns contact with Russia.


And Fox News: Trump fully briefed on Flynn’s calls with Russian ambassador, source says

President Trump was given a comprehensive summary of the contents of his former-national security adviser Michael Flynn’s phone calls with the Russian ambassador prior to Flynn’s resignation, a source told Fox News.

Trump did not see the actual transcript of the communications, but the summary was delivered by people outside the White House. Trump has maintained that he believes Flynn did nothing wrong.

“Mike was doing his job,” Trump said at a news conference Thursday. “He was calling countries and his counterparts … I would have directed him to do it if I thought he wasn’t doing it. I didn’t direct him, but I would have directed him because that’s his job.”

Flynn was forced to resign Monday over discussions he had with Russian officials before Trump took office.

Flynn denied in an FBI interview last month that he had discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia with Moscow’s ambassador to the United States, contradicting transcripts of intercepted communications between the two men, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

And someone asked by trump to replace Flynn has turned down the position for ‘personal reasons’.

Fox News: Harward turns down Trump’s national security adviser offer, sources say

President Trump’s first choice to succeed the departed Michael Flynn as national security adviser has turned the job down due to family reasons, sources close to the situation told Fox News late Thursday.

One source told Fox that retired Navy Vice Admiral Robert Harward “really wanted” to do the job, but ultimately decided that he could not.

A senior administration official said that Harward’s acceptance of the national security adviser post was contingent on the agreement of his family. The official said Harward’s wife and other family members wanted him to remain in the private sector.

I’m not surprised his family didn’t want him involved.

The ones achieving the most in the Trump administration are ‘sources’.

Russian ambassador shot

The Russian ambassador to Turkey has been shot at a photographic exhibition in Ankara, reportedly by Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, 22, a special forces Ankara police officer, who was heard to shout “Don’t forget about Aleppo, don’t forget about Syria!”

The exhibition was called exhibition called “Russia as seen by Turks”.


The assassin was shot by other officers.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova:

“Terrorism will not pass! We will fight it resolutely. Memory of this outstanding Russian diplomat, a man who did so much to counter terrorism in his diplomatic line of work, Andrei Gennadyevich Karlov, will remain in our hearts forever.”

This won’t help tensions in the Middle East, with both Turkey and Russia heavily involved in the Syrian war.

In November last year Turkey shot down a Russian war plane on the Syrian border.

So far at least negotiations about the future of Syria involving Russia, Iran and Turkey are reported to be still going ahead in Moscow on Tuesday (it’s still Monday in Europe).

It reminds me a bit of the shooting of Archduke Franz Ferdinand  in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914. This contributed to the onset of World War 1.