13% climate change scepticism

Radio NZ report 13% of NZers climate change skeptics

Researchers at the University of Tasmania analysed surveys taken from 14 countries and found 13 percent of those surveyed in New Zealand were climate-change sceptics.

Only Australia and Norway had higher rates, with the United States coming in just behind on 12 percent.

That compares with only 2 percent of Spanish people and 4 percent of Germans and Swiss.

The study found countries with higher carbon dioxide emissions had greater rates of scepticism – and the people most likely to be sceptics tend to be male, politically conservative and less concerned about the environment.

The authors of the study conclude that despite overwhelming scientific evidence climate change is real, scepticism endures and may even be on the rise in many places.

Listen to economist Geoff Bertram and climate scientist James Renwick on Sunday Morning

It depends on the survey wording and the meaning of sceptic here. I’m sceptical about some aspects of ‘Climate Change’ but acknowledge it’s an issue of concern and it’s backed by substantial science.

• Climate scepticism is highest in Australia, New Zealand, Norway and the USA.

• Higher levels of CO2 emissions per capita are positively associated with scepticism.

• Country vulnerability to climate change is correlated positively with climate scepticism.

• Political conservatism, gender and low environmental concern are key predictors of scepticism.


13% is still a smallish minority. Some people will never accept reality if it differs from their fixed views. Others keep looking for the small minority of science that backs their view. Others just seek like minded people to support their scepticsm with.