Petition to ‘save’ road of ‘national importance’

The Opposition has started early this year with two National MPs launching a petition in a purported “bid to save road of national significance”.

The Greens especially and also Labour used petitions as an Opposition tactic last term.

Press release from the National Party: MPs launch bid to save road of national significance

National MPs Todd Muller, MP for Bay of Plenty and Scott Simpson, MP for Coromandel have today launched a campaign to ensure the Katikati to Tauranga four-lane Road of National Significance proceeds as planned by the previous National Government.

“The previous National-led Government had committed to a large number of important regional highway projects right around New Zealand, including the delivery of not only the Tauranga Northern Link (TNL) and the Katikati bypass, but also a full four-lane motorway from Tauranga to Katikati,” Mr Simpson says.
“These projects would greatly improve safety and travel times, better connect our regions and boost regional economic growth. However, the new Minister of Transport, Phil Twyford, has now indicated a number of these projects are under review.

“The by-pass of Katikati was warmly welcomed locally and this critical investment must go ahead with construction of the TNL beginning this year as planned. The road must also go all the way to Tauranga because that stretch of highway is currently one of the most dangerous in the country.”

“The Road of National Significance that includes the TNL would see a continuous four-lane State Highway with wide lanes, grade separated intersections and other safety measures stretching from Tauranga to Katikati,” Mr Muller says.

“I am particularly focused on ensuring our Omokoroa community is provided with a grade separated connection onto State Highway 2, and the work has to start immediately.
“This investment is critically important for Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty region and the Government has wrongly thrown the project into uncertainty.
“Our local National team will be pushing the Government to commit to the project and we encourage the public to show their support and ensure our region’s voice is heard loud and clear through signing this petition.”

The petition can be found here.

The petition states:

Support the Katikati to Tauranga Road of National Significance

The Katikati to Tauranga Road of National Significance is needed to greatly improve safety, shorten travel times, better connect our regions and boost economic development.

State Highway 2 is one of the most dangerous stretched of road in the country, however the new Transport Minister is failing to commit to the project.

Add your name, and let Phil Twyford know that he needs to back our regions.

Twyford is the new Minister of Transport.

Like Green and Labour ‘petitions’ this one seems to be an attempt to harvest contact information. It insists on email address, first and last name, and also prompts for Mobile phone number, and defaults to ticking ‘Send me text message updates’.

Most people are likely to have there things on things other than Katikati to Tauranga roading at this time of year.

It’s debatable whether the road being petitioned for is of ‘national importance’ but it is of National (Party, the Opposition) importance.

I’m not sure how much political petitions have had on public opinion, opinion polls or elections, but I doubt if it’s much.


Q+A – environment debate

All of Q+A this morning will be a debate on the environment.

The way we care for our environment has emerged as a key election issue – especially the state of some of our polluted waterways. Q+A has an hour long environment debate with 7 candidates on Sunday. Which party wins your environment vote?

Scheduled to take part:

  • David Parker (Labour Party) – Spokesperson for Environment, Water
  • Scott Simpson (National Party) – Minister for the Environment
  • James Shaw (Green Party) – Spokesperson for Climate Change
  • Marama Fox (Maori Party)
  • David Seymour (ACT Party)
  • Damian Light (United Future Party)
  • Winston Peters (NZ First Party) – Spokesperson for everything

Denis O’Rourke is the NZ First spokesperson for climate change and also for the Environment but has been shunted down to 13 on their party list. Peters has chosen to take part in a debate for a change.

Will this help Scott Simpson?

It’s hard to tell whether Whale Oil is trying to promote National MP Scott Simpson (Coromandel electorate), or trash his future prospects. He has been the Coromandel electorate MP since 2011 but appears to be ranked about 43 in National’s current pecking order.

On August 19, when Cameron Slater was still supposedly on a break, ‘Teknonym’ posted WHY DIDNT AUCKLAND FUTURE USE SCOTT SIMPSON?

Regular readers will know Scott Simpson is this blogs favourite National backbencher because he understands politics is a nasty brutal game and you have to be nasty and brutal to win.

He taught Cam most of what he knows when Cam was helping out in a variety of campaigns around auckland when he was still at school. Scott knows Auckland Politics inside out, even if he is now MP for Coromandel.

That isn’t a great endorsement considering how Slater’s “nasty brutal” tactics have been exposed and discredited.

Posted yesterday under ‘Cameron Slater’: IS SCOTT SIMPSON MOONLIGHTING IN TIMARU?

I learned a great deal of my dirty politics skills assisting Young Nats in Eden electorate like Scott Simpson. One thing we used to do is go around vandalising our own signs so our candidate could get in the local paper about the dreadful vandalism occurring in the election.

There is a real skill in doing over your own signs, not the least is the skill in not getting busted doing it.

As I said I learned all my best campaigning tricks from my longest friend in caucus, Scott Simpson.

Again this isn’t a great endorsement of Simpson, being associated with Slater at all let alone his “dirty politics skills”.


There is some ironic advertising below this headline:


Once you get past the advertising:

Third term blues happen to all cabinets, and the only solution is to bring in people with the right skill set to deal with the media party and the opposition trying to trip you up at every turn. This is why John Key needs to promote my oldest friend in caucus, Scott Simpson, to Cabinet.  

This is why John Key needs to promote my oldest friend in caucus, Scott Simpson, to Cabinet.

Those who don’t know Scott won’t be aware he is a consummate backroom operator. His fingerprints are seen by those in the know whenever National in Auckland used to need someone to bail them out of the shit, and he is a genius at predicting where the shit will be, so helps people avoid stepping into it.

Scott Simpson would be a fine addition to cabinet and provide some mongrel and steel during election year.

“My oldest friend in cabinet” is an odd repeat description. Is Slater pointing out that he has no friends left in caucus who have been there more than five years?

Or is this association a deliberate poisoned chalice?

With Slater it can be difficult to know what is behind his campaigns.

He may think he is doing his “oldest friend in cabinet” a favour by promoting him.

It’s even possible Simpson is paying for this, Slater has been a hired political campaigner in the past.

But it’s just as likely to be some sort of utu if perhaps Simpson has distanced himself from Slater like most sensible MPs. Slater has a record of lashing out at and trying to trash people who annoy him.

Whatever it is, it’s an odd series of posts. Dirty politics and Slater associations are unlikely to be very helpful on any MP’s CV.