Another stunt? Slater served bankruptcy papers

In what looks like another stunt on the night Cameron Slater was knocked senseless by Jessie Ryder bankruptcy papers were served on Slater just before the fight.

The Whale Oil blogger was served with bankruptcy papers just before taking part in a corporate boxing match last night.

It’s part of an ongoing legal feud with businessman Matt Blomfield, who’s suing him for defamation.

This has already been done or attempted by Blomfield. I posted about this two months ago in Standard sucked into Blomfield versus Slater dirt.

An image of the bankruptcy notice shows it is Matt Blomfield versus Cameron Slater. It was originally posted with both addresses but they have been redacted. There is ongoing court proceedings between the two. I don’t know if this is a reasonable course of action by Blomfield or a stunt or an attempt at harassment. I won’t take sides between Blomfield and Slater except perhaps the opposite side to both of them. It’s not unusual for them to be going hammer and tongs and both have records of playing dirty. What is unusual is that Prentice has allowed the Standard to play such a part. It’s not the first time, in a previous slanging match The Standard posted a statement from Blomfield. It would appear that this time Blomfield has gone to Prentice to set up this publicity. And Prentice has obliged boots and all.

I’m not sure why it’s taken two months to serve the papers. The timing seems like a publicity stunt to me, ironically at the same time Slater is doing a publicity stunt of his own.

Slater’s wife Juana posted a comment in response (in January):

I realise your blind hatred of Cam prevents you from looking too closely at the hand that feeds you the info ( Matt ) but sorry to burst your bubble but he has neglected to tell you some pertinent facts. 1. The court costs are in a Trust account and will be released when the Appeal process is complete IF Matt wins. If he doesn’t Matt will owe Cam court costs. 2. Cam has the money but has no legal obligation to pay the money until the appeal has been completed and Matt knows this. 3. Matt is trying to serve papers as part of his ongoing campaign of harassment.Something I know you all enjoy as you are his mate but nevertheless harassment is what it is.

Regardless of the merits of Blomfield’s action last night Slater is going to have a sore head this morning now the distraction of preparing for the boxing bout is over,