Wishing some of you a septic shitty day

For some reason Bryce Edwards included this tweet in his Political Roundup: Police apologise to Nicky Hager for ‘dirty politics’

Actually that was yesterday. She may or may not be as shitty livered about anyone she seems to be of an alternate political leaning.

This sort of septic shit throwing, and it is sadly not uncommon, is one of the things that gives politics such a bad reputation, and deters many people from engaging or bothering to following anything political.

Last year before the election Stewart asked Are we in the dying days of democracy?

Are we in the dying days of democracy and, if so, can humanity survive it?

In a world gone mad – or, at least, out and proudly neo-liberal – democratic values appear to have entered the ever-tightening circles of the death spiral. The ground is fast rising up to meet them.

If society feels less moral reverence to the democracy ideal, who can honestly blame them? Having listened to Clinton and Trump battle it out for a year before the unthinkable became real, I get it.

Seeing how Stewart lashes out at swathes of people she disagrees with politically, I get it.

Indeed, our fair land does not fare well in the democracy stakes. Despite political party zealots all primed and pumped for the looming election, the electorate may not share their jaunty enthusiasm.

Things changed somewhat after that, but Stewart seems as bitter as she did then, if not more so.