Fizzling ‘fake news’ excuse from Sideshow Don

Politicians have tried to discredit media when they report unfavourable news for a long time. All Donald Trump has done is raise it to new heights of ridiculousness – something that has worked in his favour to an extent, but is likely to turn against him over time. Especially when claims of ‘fake news’ are prove him to be the one trying to fake it.

CNN:  Sorry, Mr. President, the ‘fake news’ excuse isn’t good enough anymore

In Davos, Switzerland, on Friday, President Donald Trump was asked about reporting by a slew of media organizations — including CNN — that he had ordered White House counsel Don McGahn to fire special counsel Bob Mueller.

“Fake news,” Trump replied. “Fake news. Typical New York Times fake stories.”

And that was it. Which is not good enough. Not even close to good enough.

The reporting that Trump had ordered Mueller’s firing is a) deeply sourced b) confirmed — after being first broken by The New York Times — by a number of serious and credible media outlets and c) very detailed as to how and why Trump moved to fire Mueller.

Given both the seriousness of those charges and the depth of the reporting, it is a massive — and, likely, purposeful — cop-out by Trump to simply reply with his standard issue “fake news.”

What about it is fake? Did he not tell McGahn to get rid of Mueller?

Because, if he didn’t, then Trump should come out and say “I absolutely did not — at any time or ever — ask Don McGahn to remove Bob Mueller from the special counsel investigation.”

He didn’t say that. And White House lawyer Ty Cobb didn’t either, refusing to comment on the reports of the Mueller firing out of “respect for the Office of the Special Counsel and its process.”

Which means, almost certainly, that it did happen.

‘Fake news’ has become an overused Trump euphemism for ‘fuck the news’.

The broad point here is that saying “fake news” is not a denial of the details reported first by the New York Times and subsequently confirmed by a number of other outlets.

What Trump is doing is a sidestep in hopes of creating a sideshow.

A typical Trump tactic. Sideshow Don.

Sure, there is a chunk of people who will take his “fake news” comment as an ironclad assertion that The New York Times is wrong about his move to fire Mueller.

There will probably be a few comments here supporting the ‘fake news’ dismissal plus a few other repeated anti-Trump criticism slogans.

But, that doesn’t mean that saying “fake news” in any way, shape or form clears the air as to what Trump actually did.

It’s an attempt to distract from the serious allegation.