Bomb plot accusation in Kansas

Three men have been arrested in Kansas. They have been charged with plotting to bomb an apartment building and mosque, targeting Muslims.

RNZ: Three US men accused of plot to bomb Somalis

Three men have been charged with plotting to bomb Somali immigrants at an apartment building and mosque in the US state of Kansas.

They allegedly planned to strike on 9 November, a day after the US elections.

The suspects had prepared a manifesto and conspired to detonate a bomb at apartments where Somalis were among some 120 residents, said prosecutors.

They allegedly discussed parking four explosives-packed vehicles at the corners of the complex to create a large blast in the meatpacking town.

Acting US Attorney Tom Beall said the eight-month investigation had taken FBI agents “deep into a hidden culture of hatred and violence”.

Mr Beall said they ultimately decided to attack the building because of the number of Somalis who lived there.

Targeting groups of people and talking up hate may encourage nutters to consider doing this sort of thing. An escalation of violence is not good for anyone.