Clinton crushes Sanders in South Carolina

Hillary Clinton had a resounding win over Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina primary:

  • Clinton 73.5%
  • Sanders 26%

She has beaten Sanders in three of the four primaries so far

Washington Post: Hillary Clinton easily defeats Bernie Sanders in South Carolina primary

Hillary Clinton easily defeated rival Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary here Saturday, the first broad test of whether the strong challenge from Clinton’s political left has eroded crucial support among African American voters.

With victory in South Carolina, Clinton can claim a powerful advantage among black voters who could determine the outcome in a half-dozen Southern states that vote next.

For Clinton, this was the first comfortable victory of a Democratic primary season that just a year ago was supposed to be comfortable from end to end, with Clinton waltzing through as a front-runner.

The victory in South Carolina will give Clinton momentum as the contest heads toward Super Tuesday, where she and Sanders will compete in 11 states.

Super Tuesday will also be important for Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to try and dent the Donald Trump momentum. Rubio has been more aggressive in attacking Trump but whether that will be effective or not is yet to be seen.


Trump in South Carolina

It looks like Donald Trump looks like will win the Republican primary in South Carolina.

With two thirds of the votes reported:

  • Trump 33.2%
  • Rubio 22.2%
  • Cruz 21.7%
  • Kasich 8.0%
  • Bush 8.0%
  • Carson 6.9%

Interesting to see Rubio and Cruz fairly level, Rubio has recovered since New Hampshire – he needed to.

The big question from now is if/when Carson and Bush pull out, and Kasich (I don’t think he was ever expected to get very far), how much of their support will go to Trump and where the not-Trump vote will go.

UPDATE: this was expected:

Jeb Bush is about to suspend his campaign for president, according to @PrestonCNN.


Kasich: “That’s where we’re going to go, all the way to the nomination in Cleveland, Ohio, and I’m going to take you with me.”

Where might Bush votes go? (It will vary state to state).

Depending on where the large ‘don’t know’ might go that’s a slight advantage to Rubio, notably over Cruz, albeit out of quite a small pool.