Green unsolicited text

I received this text yesterday:

Peter can Greens count on your party vote 23 Sept?
Reply Yes/Maybe/No?

Auth G Shaw 1/17 Gerrett St Wgtn,
Opt-out reply STOP.

I have no idea how they got my phone number.

I am not going to reply my voting inclination or to opt out, because that may result in more political spam.

The  Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 and DIA Common questions about spam complaints states that spam is illegal if commercial, so political spam may not apply.

So I’ll just put this down to political intrusiveness.

Ho ho ho! No!

We lurch from one commercial onslaught to another.

Briscoes led the way on sale saturation but many others have caught or passed their incessant pitching.

I registered with Dick Smith a while ago – they have some good bargains at times – but they are awfully insistent. I sometimes get several emails a day promoting or reminding about a different name for a special or a sale. I have to getting around to killing that beastly intrusion.