Spy – Key problem

Feliz Marwick (Newstalk ZB) reviews the Dotcom saga and summarises the spy and Key problem:

Political Report: Trusting our spy agencies

The GCSB and the SIS have a legal and moral obligation not to break the rules that govern them.

We should be able to trust our intelligence agencies to do their jobs properly. They’re breaching that trust and that’s not acceptable, particularly for organisations that have limited obligations in the way of public accountability.

Those that are responsible for them have a duty to make sure they toe the line. For the agencies and their political masters, in this case the Prime Minister, to fail in this regard is inexcusable.

And it would be inexcusable not to deal with this as openly as secrecy requirements allow. It has to be seen to be addressed, more than adequately.

It’s more than trusting our spy agencies, it’s trusting the PM’s oversight as well.

It’s up to John Key.