‘Young’ Labour summer school

Young Labour are currently running a summer school in Wainuiomata. From Facebook:

Grant Robertson and Morehu Rei open Young Labour Summer School 2013. Really good numbers gathering on the outskirts of Wainuiomata. looking forward to a weekend of working with this great group of young people determined to make a difference.

Young Labour

Joanne Nixon

How young is young. Looks to be a few old heads there lol!

Seems to be a bit of snow on the mountains this summer.

One speech does not a term make

I’ve listened to bits of Barack Obama’s inuaguration speech and it’s by far his best – I haven’t been a fan of his style of speech in the past. Others have also been impressed.

Rachel Smalley@Rachel_Smalley

Wow Obama, just wow – his second term will be very different to his first. His address LIVE on @FirstlineNZ right now.

But one speech does not a term make.

David Shearer is giving a speech this Sunday (at a Young Labour organised Summer School) to kick off his second year as Labour leader and a lot of party support will be riding on it. He first has to convince his party he is capable of leading it to victory, once he has done that he might start to make a positive impression on the wider voting public.

Shearer gave an improved speech (by his underwhelming standards)  at his party conference last year and this is another opportunity to define his leadership. To overcome party uneasiness he will have to sound like he speaks his own words with conviction.

A well rehearsed recital of attempted catch phrases couched and coached by a committee of speech writers won’t cut it.

One speech does not a term make. If Shearer sounds genuine, convincing, motivated and motivating it would make a big difference. But that would be a major departure from what he has managed so far.