Sunshine rose this morning, Peters demands urgent inquiry

Winston Peters doesn’t call for inquiries as often as the sun rises but he’s almost as predictable.

ODT:  Peters calls for inquiry into National MP

Speaking in Dunedin today, Mr Peters told about 260 people New Zealand had been caught out and exposed to being a pawn of the Communists in China.

“The influence of the Government of China is real within the New Zealand Government. This is not a spy thriller from the airport bookshelves,” he said to loud applause.

New Zealand became vulnerable the moment National recruited Dr Yang, Mr Peters said.

His decade of work with Chinese military intelligence had only now been opened up, but not yet laid bare.

Mr Peters said Dr Yang had tried to quell the outrage by saying he had been transparent.

However, his CV had 10 years missing which was the time he spent with the Chinese intelligence, and not as an English teacher.

”Was he the only English teacher they could find?”

Mr Peters claimed a Chinese informant, someone he trusted, alerted him to Dr Yang’s past in 2011 but could not provide the evidence.

He released copies of Hansard to prove he had raised the matters on April 5 which Prime Minister Bill English dismissed.

However there may be some dark clouds looking that distract Peters from pushing this – NZ First are trending down in the polls, slipping to 6% in the latest Colmar Brunton poll and that was taken before his alarming interview with Guyon Espiner this morning.

Farmers are celebrating but…

…some of the media continue to paint a gloomy picture – by forecasting sunshine!

RadioLIVE Newsroom@LIVENewsDesk

Farmers are celebrating rain – up to 50mls in parts of the North Island …
but forecasters say the sun will be back by Thursday

Message to non-farmers – sunshine after rain actually helps grass to regrow.

And a weather forecast expert said that this rain probably signals the end of the stable weather patterns and a return to more normal wet/dry cycles.

You don’t have to have continuous rain for a month to break a drought.