Green turmoil a massive bleeping blip

James Shaw is continuing to support Green co-leader Metiria Turei, and appears to be getting tough on the two MPs who have just removed themselves from the Green party list, threatening to suspend them from the party.

He seems oblivious to the damage being done to the party, and his actions are unlikely to help stem the bleeding.

RNZ:  Green Party in chaos after two MPs rebel

The Green Party is in chaos after the shock announcement by two of its MPs that they have lost confidence in co-leader Metiria Turei.

Speaking to media, Green Party co-leader James Shaw said he had a great deal of respect for both MPs but they could no longer stay on in the caucus.

“I’ll be moving a motion to suspend both of them from the Green Party caucus and I’ll be speaking to the executive about their membership of the Green Party and about formally removing them from the Green Party list.”

He says he has a great deal of respect for them and then in the same breath says he will make moves to formally suspend them from the Green caucus?

He acknowledged the situation was “messy” and apologised to party members for what had happened.

“I think this is just a blip”.

It’s a massive bleeping blip.

Dr Graham…

…said while he liked and respected Mrs Turei, he could not continue serving under her leadership.

He could not abide Mrs Turei’s comments appearing to condone other people breaking the law, he said.

“If that is party policy, I’m not in that party.”

Dr Graham said he first raised objections the night Mrs Turei made the admission while launching the party’s families’ package.

“The intent is not to damage the party,” Dr Graham told RNZ News. “The intention is… to seek to restore credibility and integrity.”

“It’s more in sorrow than anger. This is not an angry position.”

Mr Clendon…

…aid he made the decision with “genuine regret,” but believed Mrs Turei’s judgement was “flawed” in deciding to stay on.

The credibility of the whole party is now badly flawed.

More from Shaw from Stuff: James Shaw says MPs who quit put Greens election campaign at risk

Green co-leader James Shaw will move to suspend the two MPs who resigned and remove them from the party.

Shaw said the way in which the pair chose to go about their resignation was in violation of the Green Party values, and the party caucus felt betrayed by the way the pair had gone about quitting.

Supposed party values had already been trashed by Turei’s actions and admissions. Graham and Clendon seem to have become scapegoats for a Metiria created mess.

“I’m sorry to lose them. I respect the decision that Kennedy and Dave have made to remove themselves from the Green Party list and not to stand at the next election”.

“However, the way that they have chosen to go about it is strongly in violation of every Green Party norm, culture and process that we have.”

“What they are doing is placing the campaign at risk.”

The Green campaign was already in serious trouble.

Shaw said the caucus strongly backed Turei to continue.

“I have said all along that I supported Metiria’s choice to tell her story. I completely support what Metiria has done.”

Shaw acknowledged the situation was “messy” but said the party remained focused. He said the choice of Clendon and Graham to leave was not a sign the party was in meltdown.

“I think other political parties have been through a great deal worse than this … and come out healthy on the other side.”

Shaw is in La-La Land.

Immigration decision making authority suspended

I presume it relates to this: New resident convicted of sex offending twice, won’t be deported

A man who emigrated to New Zealand has been convicted twice for sex offending since his arrival in 2012 – including while on bail – but will not be deported if his record stays clean for the next five years.

The decision by immigration officials has been criticised, particularly as the man did not complete any rehabilitation programmes or offence-related courses in prison.

The Herald can reveal that Sultan Ali Abdul Ali Akbari arrived in New Zealand from Afghanistan in October 2012 on a resident visa.

In February 2013 Akbari indecently assaulted a woman and was convicted.

Then in 2015 he was jailed for two years and one month for five charges of indecent acts on girls aged 8 and 10 and indecently assaulting an 18-year-old.

That offending happened while Akbari was on bail awaiting trial on the 2013 charge.

At sentencing in the Auckland District Court a pre sentence report stated Akbari’s risk of reoffending was “moderate to high”.

“They assess your risk of harm as high – noting in particular an escalation in offending,” said Judge Kevin Glubb, also Akbari showed no remorse.

He imposed a sentence of two years and one month in prison, saying the offending was “serious”.

In January Akbari, now 58, was granted parole – despite the board finding that a lack of English had resulted in Akbari making “no progress” in prison.

He did not complete programmes to address his offending..

Despite that, the board agreed to release Akbari, saying the “support structures wrapped around” the sex offender and plans to keep him “safe from such future allegations arising” were factors likely to ensure he did not reoffend.

“We do not see his risk level improving by remaining in prison and are satisfied that it may regarded now as no longer undue,” convener Judge Paul Gittos said.

NZ Herald have now updated their story.

“The decision to suspend liability for deportation for five years was made in this case by a senior official from INZ, who has delegated authority under the Immigration Act 2009 to make such decisions on behalf of the Minister of Immigration,” Immigration New Zealand Area Manager Darren Calder said.

“As such there is no legal ability to review the decision.”

Immigration Minister Woodhouse did not comment when first approached by the Herald.

But now he said he would take steps to improve the decision making authority for cases involving residence class visa holders convicted of a criminal offence.

“I have made my expectations very clear when it comes to deportation decisions involving offending of this nature and those expectations are not being met.

“So I am temporarily suspending Immigration NZ’s decision making authority until I have confidence that the decisions being made are consistent with my expectations.

“This course of action follows today’s New Zealand Herald article regarding an individual whoe liability for deportation was suspended, despite the severity of the offending.”

Greens see red over dissent

David Hay split the Green watermelon and the leadership saw red over the comments and actions of the dissenting party member and have suspended his party membership for a year “while he reflects on what it means to work as part of a team”.

This has been called code for “learn to STFU and support the leaders!”

The Report to Green Party Executive from the panel to investigate the membership of David Hay recommends that:

We believe it is important to take some action to indicate that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated but that he could be a valuable member of the party in the future if he changes his attitude. Therefore we recommend the following:

  1. The executive write a letter of censure to David, pointing out that his behaviour with regard to the press releases and release of documents was totally unacceptable, and suspending his membership of the Green Party for a year while he reflects on what it means to work as part of a team. The letter needs to make explicit that there is a firm expectation that he will accept and observe the disciplines for raising differences within the Greens’ channels of debate if he chooses to resume his membership following his suspension.

The clamp down on a dissenting voice has been strongly criticised. David Farrar says at Kiwiblog:

Suspending a member is very rare. Unless the member does something such as stand for another party, it is rare for disciplinary action to reach this level.

Hay says he will not rejoin the party under the current leadership.

The Green bubble is unique in politics. Inside the party the leaders are praised, lauded, virtually worshipped.

There is plenty of criticism from outside the bubble but Greens tend to be so convinced of and supported in their righteousness (or lefteousness) that they shrug this off as unfair and invalid. An internal critic has been seen as a class traitor.

The boy who pointed out the co-emperors clothes were a bit shabby has been sent to the naughty corner.

Kiwi in America comments:

The left’s true colours are revealed. This is being done for no other reason than stifling dissent – the Greens admit as much. Heck demote him from senior office, reduce his list ranking, send him to Coventry – that’s how most parties discipline someone who makes serious trouble.

An outright suspension of membership is a very serious matter and you can count on the fingers of one hand party members actually expelled by National and Labour – Winston Peters for the former and John A Lee for the latter. Heck even Labour readmitted John Tamahere after he called the sisterhood front bums!

Of course in true Orwellian doublespeak this is not an expulsion but a suspension with reinstatement after Hay admits he now loves Big Brother!

This is Norman’s personal thin skin added to the socialists natural tendency to suppress dissent. People forget the Greens are watermelons and this is the red on the inside showing itself. Lenin would be proud.

Harsh but it does look a bit like that. He adds:

David Hay challenged Norman and Turei for the leadership because he felt the Greens under representation and lack of effort in greater Auckland (effectively almost 1/3 of NZ’s population) was holding the party back. That sounds like the kind of robust debate that all DEMOCRATIC parties have internally.

For his achievement of more than doubling of the Green PARTY vote (you know the one that helps them get more MPS into Parliament) in Epsom, he was accused of spending too much time building the Green electorate vote there.

His real crime was taking the shine off dear co-Leaders and allowing negative media coverage of said virginal pure leaders.

The Greens have sold themselves as above the fray of grubby party politics, of a fresh new democratic way. Their meetings, literature and website all preach inclusion and their tortuous processes are supposed to be so transparent and democratic.

The reality is that democracy was far from Norman and Turei’s minds as was transparency.

Rather than have the internal debate (like Labour had) and allow the Green party membership to assess the merits of Mr Hay’s challenge, he was kicked out of the party with the ‘suggestion’ he go get some re-education which is code for: learn to STFU and support the leaders!

The Norman/Turei Greens certainly seem more high and mighty and less down to earth than the Fitzsimons/Donald version.