San Diego synagogue shooting

A man posted on a far-right website claiming he was inspired by the Christchurch mass murderer and then attacked people worshipping at a synagogue in San Diego in in southern California, killing one person and injuring three more, including the rabbi.

NZ Herald: PM Jacinda Ardern comments after San Diego synagogue attack

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has expressed sorrow about the attack at a synagogue in San Diego where the gunman reportedly said he had been inspired by the Christchurch massacre.

“Our hearts go out to the Jewish community,” she said through a spokeswoman.

“To see an attack while people are at worship is devastating.

“New Zealand condemns all acts of terrorism and violence and stands for freedom of religion and the right to worship safely.

“New Zealand’s resolve to drive global action to eliminate violent extremism has been strengthened by the terrorist attack on our soil on March 15.”

That’s similar to her response to the Sri Lanka bombings. It’s on the cards that some attempt will be made to attack Ardern for how she worded her response.

The synagogue shooting left one woman dead and three people, including the rabbi, injured.

NBC has reported the gunman posted a letter on a far-right website claiming to be inspired by the Christchurch gunman who murdered 50 people in two mosques on March 15.

Donald Trump has just spoken at a NRA in defence of the US constitutional right to bear arms – Full Replay: President Trump Tells NRA He Will Reject UN Arms Trade Treaty

President Donald Trump vowed to fight for gun rights as he addressed the National Rifle Association on Friday and declared himself a “champion for the Second Amendment.”

“It’s under assault,” he said of the constitutional right to bear arms. “But not while we’re here.”

He responded to the synagogue shooting with the usual ‘thoughts and prayers’.