Slater had ‘good and lucid discussion’ with Ross just before ‘suicide’ text

Someone emailed me and pointed out what could be a significant part of Cameron Slater”s post Another hit job from David Fisher which I must correct and tell the truth that the National party fails to

Saturday 20th October – Jami-Lee Ross is back in Auckland, but he is homeless. He has slept in his car and hasn’t slept much over the past week. He phones me at approximately 8:30 pm and he is distraught. We had a good and lucid discussion. However, as he sat there in his car he began scrolling through his past messages and he came across the nasty text from the female MP. It set him off. At 8:51 pm he texts her and then turns his cell phone off. She frantically tries to respond via text and makes 4 phone calls to him. He turns his phone on and off over the next three hours.

This says that Ross was distraught before talking to Slater and before scrolling back through his texts.

There is very specific detail in this from Slater, in which he says he had “a good and lucid discussion” with Ross just before Ross scrolls through old texts and then replies “You get your wish” to a two month old text from a National MP which, Slater claims, triggers a suicide alert.

Slater says that the text “set him off” – but that wasn’t the only thing that would have been influencing Ross at that time, given he was having a discussion with Slater.

It could be that Slater was unable to de-distraught Ross, but that’s not the only possibility in this situation.

Also in the same paragraph:

At one stage, a journalist communicates with him. as her company had someone stationed near his house and had observed a Police i-car turn up. [WO:  The journalist concerned has contacted me to clarify this situation. I am satisfied that there was no company watcher in place] She was concerned. This short text conversation occurred at 10:25 pm as Jami-Lee Ross was driving to the Waikato.

Rather ironically in a post headlined “which I must correct and tell the truth” Slater stated as a fact something he now acknowledges was not the truth.

Slater threatened retribution for JLR, RNZ delivers

RNZ’s Checkpoint has gone alarmingly low in support of a campaign of retribution.

In the weekend Cameron Slater threatened to go public with dirt targeting people in the National Party, in a knee jerk reaction to the Jami-Lee Ross revelations of harassment of multiple women (at least four and as many as fifteen are numbers mentioned). See:

On Checkpoint yesterday afternoon RNZ delivered what looks like the first shot, publicising details of a text sent from a possible victim of Ross to Ross. This dumped on a National MP on behalf of ‘a supporter’ of Ross.

Whether the text (and reportedly other communications) were supplied to RNZ by Slater or someone else associated with Ross or Slater doesn’t make much difference.

For obvious reasons it has been assumed by a number of people as Slater (there is no evidence of this except for Slater’s threats and his claimed support of Ross over the weekend).

Slater and Whale Oil have a reputation for dishing out dirt. The over the top attacks on Len Brown just after the 2013 Auckland mayoral election is a prominent example, but there are many others.

Ross reacted badly under self inflicted pressure last week. Slater has a long record of acting poorly under pressure, lashing out. Both try to claim they are in fact the victims (they may actually feel they are victims, but their actions and especially their responses under pressure suggest otherwise).

RNZ publicised an “abusive text” “believed to have been sent to Jami-Lee Ross in August” by a woman who had aapparently just ended a relationship with Ross.  RNZ did not quote the text, nor could they give any context, but out of a claimed 61 words they quoted just four – “you deserve to die”.

The text includes a slew of abuse and personal insults about Mr Ross’ appearance and personality.

That doesn’t sound good, but one could presume there was a lot of angst and emotion involved, as there often is when relationships turn sour.

The text sent in August was 61 words long. The message – along with other texts – was provided to RNZ by a supporter of the Botany MP with his permission.

Questions have been asked on RNZ on this.

Like why they are dishing out dirt on behalf of someone who was committed to mental health care on Sunday (now reported to have been released in the care of ‘a friend’), regardless of permission being granted or not. RNZ don’t say what form this permission took. I hope they relied on something more substantial than the word of ‘a supporter’.

And why are RNZ involved in what looks like vexatious utu, after Slater had threatened to do just that in what looks like another attempt to destabilise and trash National. Slater has been running bitter attacks against National leaders, MPs and party officials for years – ever since he was shunned as a part of the Dirty Politics fallout in 2014.

I hope that Lisa Owen and Checkpoint producers and RNZ reflect on what they have become a willing party to, and revise their standards. It is probably too late to undo the damage they have aided and abetted, but they should give some indication that being a sock puppet of Ross and Slater is not a good look, especially for a public broadcaster.

Ross has gone just about as low as any MP has gone.

Slater has a long reputation for attacking and trying to trash people, he is probably widely considered to be the lowest of New Zealand bloggers (he has called himself a journalist but he is more of a agenda, money and hate driven arse).

Do RNZ really want to lower themselves to those standards?

UPDATE: Slater appears to confirm things. he posted yesterday…

It’s going to get worse for National.

…with a link to the RNZ story. Also:

Two sides to every story is what I am seeing here…and now the second side is being told.

The Slater side of any story should always be viewed with a lot of scepticism. He is a self confessed ’embellisher’ and is known to say the opposite of truth and reality.


Green unsolicited text

I received this text yesterday:

Peter can Greens count on your party vote 23 Sept?
Reply Yes/Maybe/No?

Auth G Shaw 1/17 Gerrett St Wgtn,
Opt-out reply STOP.

I have no idea how they got my phone number.

I am not going to reply my voting inclination or to opt out, because that may result in more political spam.

The  Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 and DIA Common questions about spam complaints states that spam is illegal if commercial, so political spam may not apply.

So I’ll just put this down to political intrusiveness.

Make love, not text

Put your passengers first. Drive Phone Free

This is quite funny. I don’t know if it will be effective.

I haven’t seen it anywhere else. – seen via Facebook: Daily Telegraph

VIDEO: New Zealand’s awkward anti-texting driver campaign could be a winner.
Credit: YouTube/NZ Transport Agency.

Glucina’s text to Key

The Ombudsman has ruled that John Key shouldn’t have refused to release a text message sent from Rachel Glucina to him related to Amanda Bailey and the hair pulling issue.

The text was made public this afternoon by Newshub: Glucina’s text message to PM revealed.

Newshub has obtained the text message sent by Rachel Glucina to the Prime Minister, which John Key initially refused to release under the Official Information Act.

The text message said: “just interviewed the waitress. Piece of work! Massive political agenda”.

It has been suggested that Glucina is piece of work with a massive political agenda too. And the person who forced the release through an OIA request, No Right Turn, could also be suspected of having a bit of a political agenda as well.

Some journalists have raised concerns about this.

It appears the information was withheld by the Prime Minister’s office under Section 9 of the Official Information Act, which aims to protect privacy or an obligation of confidence.

But Judge Boshier decided the request should not have been refused.

“Even if an obligation of confidence existed, I consider it is outweighed by the high public interest in the information,” he wrote in his response to the complaint.

So anything that can be judged of “high public interest” must be released?

No Right Turn had a lot of interest in it, as did a few other political activists wanting to inflict as much damage on Key as they could, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the public may think that the text is of little interest to them.

I doubt many journalists will be keen on bloggers forcing their communication with politicians to be revealed.

I think Glucina’s text says a bit about her bit little about anything else.

It was also noted on Twitter that Glucina didn’t break this text revelation on her gossip site Scout.

Key made it clear he ignored the text. While someone seemed to think it was significant in some way that Glucina had Key’s phone number so do Barack Obama and Key ignored a call from him.

UPDATE: With so little information in a brief text The Standard are having a field day filling in all the gaps – Glucina Key #ponygate text revealed

Full TPP text released

The full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership has been released.

You can read it by chapter here: Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Or you can Download a Zip file of all 30 Chapters (excluding Annexes) [ZIP, 3.15MB]

Or you can enjoy your day doing something else.

Poll – Key and Slater

3 News have a poll on whether the public think John Key should keep texting Cameron Slater or not:

  1. No 68%
  2. Yes 18%

National Party members:

  • No 62%
  • Yes 23%

When asked about it Key said it was a 2014 issue and wasn’t important now.

3 News said that it was still important to the public because of their poll result, That’s nonsense – the poll didn’t asked if people thought it was an important issue or not.

My guess is that most people have little idea about Slater and wouldn’t care much about it.