“Another coward fuckhead having a crack at Labour”

This illustrates a major problem that Labour and The Standard still have – anyone who criticises or disagrees gets abused.

Shane Le Brun has posted here on medical cannabis and has been a spolid and sensible promoter of something he believes in doing something about.

This is the opening thread on The Standard’s Open Mike today:

Shane Le Brun 

Looks like progress, smells like progress….
Perhaps Labour should develop a stronger stance (spine) on the issue?

  • Skinny 

    Get off the grass cobbah, why don’t you target your criticism at the current Government?

    I got a clear reminder the other night when I met a guy at a friend’s birthday party, he was nice enough, however I noticed he spoke in delayed mode, and kept forgetting what he was saying. Anyway an hour later he asked who wants a joint. I laughed as I thought that explains ‘everything.’

    • weka

      Skinny, Shane is talking about medicine not recreational drug use. Put your prejudices aside for a moment, eh?

      • Skinny

        OK far enough, however there are more pressing issues at this point in time for Labour than medical pot. Getting involved in a side issue when they have bigger fish to fry, like the effects of National sgning into the TPPA which will cost us more for some medicines. If Shane wants to draft a remit to go forward through the LP policy process I’m sure someone will table it.

        • weka

          Sorry, but you don’t get to decide the priorities of ill and disabled people.

          If Labour stand up re the TPP, that will be great too. But I’m sure that Labour can do more than one thing at a time.

          • Skinny

            Your not listening my feathered friend. Labour can ill afford to be bush whacked by a right-wing media who will turn things around on them. Like I say follow the policy process. All any MP can say is of their personal opinion till it goes through the policy process.

            • weka

              Listening, I heard you saying that this wasn’t a priority and that Labour had more important things to work on.

              I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people who are lobbying on important issues to expect parties in parliament to take them seriously, provided they can make a good case.

              • Skinny

                OK well Shane can excise his democratic rights and call on his local LP MP or the spokesperson for Health and canvas/lobby them, rather than taking pot shots by calling them spineless on the issue here. Kettle calling the pot black is hardly inspirational for his call. Quick to post then spineless silence.

                Just another coward fuckhead having a crack at Labour in my opinion.

Skinny is known to big note himself as being involved in Labour Party politics. This reaction isn’t very helpful to Labour.

(Weka is responding and challenging well although her Green Party also distance themselves from promoting medical cannabis).

Labour’s priority is to rebuild itself and present as a credible Government in waiting.

They have dumped a number of policies that they seem to think will hinder their progress, like Capital Gains Tax and Euthanasia. And they have distanced themselves from medical cannabis debate.

But, as they did with their Chinese surname strategy, they risk burning off pockets of potential support. They need to add support, not narrow it down. Or so I thought.

UPDATE: And now Te Reo Putake has warned Shane:

[This isn’t a Labour Party blog, Shane. Read the ‘about’ and don’t troll in the future. TRP]

That’s bollocks TRP, it’s little more than a threat from another Labour activist that criticism of Labour won’t be tolerated.

Shane didn’t associate Labour with The Standard at all, he commented about Labour at The Standard, something that TRP often does himself without warning himself.

Twyford and Little hammered from all sides

Andrew Little has endorsed the awful data analysis of Auckland house sales that was promoted by Phil Twyford over the weekend.

He has modified Twyfords statements that Labour would ban foreign buyers.

Twyford on The Nation:

We would ban foreign buyers from buying New Zealand houses, end of story.

We’re going to ban foreign buyers.

Little says they would ban foreigners from buying existing houses but they would be able to buy sections and build on them.

Auckland’s problem is a shortage of land available to build on, therefore pushing up land values, so it’s hard to see that helping much if at all.

Data analyst Rob Salmond tried to defend his work at Public Address: House-buying patterns in Auckland

Data Analyst Keith Ng slammed Salmond, also at Public address: My last name sounds Chinese

The Labour leaning blog has strong criticism of Labour playing a hamfisted race card and Ng continues to slam Labour in social media.

And it continues with another post at PA, by Tze Ming Mok: Identification strategy: Now it’s personal

The real question is what did the Labour Party think it was doing taking this public.  If they just fucked up, so far so familiar. If they did this on purpose for well-calculated reasons – and it works – we Chinese-sounding named people are in way more trouble in New Zealand than we ever thought we would be again.

The second comment on that thread is from Stephen Judd:

I just wrote and cancelled my regular donation to the party with the message that it can restart when we have three clear months without race-baiting or hippy punching.

As someone who belongs to another ethnic minority where people stereotype about money and leap to conclusions based on names, this shit makes my skin crawl.

Political messaging is different from rational discourse over policy and you don’t get a pass for Bayesian inference when there’s a thick layer of racist implication on top.

Salmond has had another go at defending himself, this time on his own blog, Polity: http://polity.co.nz/content/how-labour-estimated-ethnicity-surnames (I can’t load it at the moment, must be busy).

Meanwhile in the other fairly Labour leaning blog, The Standard, some of the troops are doing their best to defend their cause:

Anthony Robins: Auckland property buyers

The big story this morning is Labour’s analysis of Auckland property purchase data.

Greg Presland: International investment in Auckland housing

Phil Twyford’s recent announcement on Auckland’s housing crisis raises important issues concerning the inflow of overseas capital into our housing market.  But should it have depersonalised the argument?

Too late for depersonalisation now. That was yesterday, and Little has endorsed the personalisation (or the targeting of Chines) today.

Te Reo Putake: China Crisis

Good on Labour for saying what needed to be said. Can they, the Greens and NZ First save the next generation of Kiwis from being tenants in our own land?

Includes Bonus Seinfeld reference!

Te Reo Putake: Twyford Responds

Labour’s Housing Spokesperson Phil Twyford responds to accusations of racism and points to the way forward. The Labour Party will limit foreign speculation, build affordable houses and replenish the State Housing stock.

But there’s an onslaught of criticism of Twyford, Labour and Little in all of those.

If Labour get this off-side with their own side of the spectrum it would appear to be a major own goal.

This looks like the first big mistake and misjudgement by Andrew Little.

He didn’t look flash with his handling of the Northland by election but that situation was mainly dumped on him by Winston Peters.

But this has been entirely of Labour’s own doing, it seems like a planned strategy.

Perhaps a sign of how badly they misjudged on this is Peters is endorsing what they have done.

Some might think this is a good sign for a left wing coalition plus NZ First – but Green and Mana supporters have reacted in horror at Labour’s race bashing.

And all this is without even looking to the centre and right for their reaction.

This has happened half way through the Roy Morgan July polling period. Labour may be hoping the bulk of the polling was already done.

It may or may not be a disastrous way for Little to emerge from the political doldrums, but it surely makes his hill quite a bit harder to climb now.