Motives of Cox’s killer

The motives of Thomas Mair, the killer of British MP Jo Cox, have been the subject of a lot of speculation and denial.

Lone killer? Or connected to a radical group? Similar arguments were raised in the Orlando killing.

There have been suggestions that both Mair and Mateen were associated with radical groups, but claiming to be acting for ISIS or Britain First does not mean they are a part of those groups, just that they have used the groups for motivation or an excuse.

SB at WO claims:

Today’s face of the day Thomas Mair, wasn’t the politically motivated killer the media initially made him out to be.


There must be some political motivation in a targeted killing of a Member of Parliament.

Martyn Bradbury takes an unsurprisingly different approach in So when will the right start blaming the killer of Jo Cox on Christianity?

It’s interesting to see the muted reaction to the terrible killing of British Labour MP Jo Cox. The killer has been connected to a far right Christian pro-apartheid group yet the right aren’t calling it terrorism by Christianity.

But it wil probably take time to determine what drove or inspired or corrupted these two killers. Particularly with Mateen, as he is now dead. Mair is speaking to police so may provide some insights.

A lack of insight is dominating comments so far. SB highlighted this:

The organisation Britain First, which was founded by former members of the British National Party, has denied that Mair was associated with it and say they condemn the killing.


That means little on it’s own, especially when you see some of the Independent’s headlines as opposed to one selected paragraph:

From the second of those:

Speculation has raged about the motive for the attack after a number of separate eyewitnesses said Ms Cox’s attacker shouted “Britain first” – a longstanding far-right slogan – during the assault.

“Britain First” is also the name of a far-right organisation in Britain which recently publicly advocated “direct action” against Muslim elected officials. The group says it condemns Ms Cox’s killing.

Speculation is likely to continue to rage along with accusations and excuses.

Terrorism or not is a part of the discussions.

Mateen claimed allegiance to a terrorist group but he acted alone and his killings could just as easily be seen as a homosexual hate crime.

It’s still uncertain whether Mair has wider connections or is a lone killer, but I’m sure there are more than a few politicians facing some terrifying realities of their high public profiles and the abuse and threats that are often publicly or privately made against them.

Mair’s motives may emerge in time but the scene has been set already for entrenched opinions based on scant information.