From Pora to Watson

The lawyer and the investigator who were instrumental on getting Teina Pora freed and compensated are now working on the Scott Watson case.

Newshub: Team that freed Teina Pora now working on Scott Watson’s case

The team that helped free Teina Pora has now turned its attention to the case of convicted double-murderer Scott Watson.

Lawyer Jonathan Krebs helped quash Pora’s conviction for the 1992 murder of Susan Burdett. He is now working on Watson’s application for a Royal Prerogative of Mercy, which, if successful, could re-open the case of the Sounds murders.

Private investigator Tim McKinnel, who also helped to clear Pora’s name, will be involved in Watson’s application.

I don’t know enough to be able to conclude whether Watson is guilty or innocent, but there do seem to be some real issues of concern regarding his conviction.

By world standards we have a relatively robust legal system but it is not without it’s weaknesses.

One of those seems to be a strong reluctance to revisit cases where there are obvious problems with the case and the verdict.