More international accolades for Ardern

While Jacinda Ardern continues to struggle with domestic policies and problems (apart from her recent response to the Christchurch mosque massacres) , she continues to earn praise internationally. In the last few days both Time and Fortune have added to her accolades.

Time100: Most influential people 2019

Ardern features on the page graphics, and is also included in the top 100 influencers.


By Sadiq Khan

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Londoners were heartbroken to wake up to news of the horrific terror attack in Christchurch, shocked by the callous targeting of innocent civilians for no reason other than their faith.

Jacinda Ardern’s leadership since the attack has been an inspiration to us all. Not only is she delivering such swift action on gun control, she has sent a powerful message around the world about our shared values—that those who seek to divide us will never succeed, and that New Zealand will always protect and celebrate the diversity and openness that make our countries so great.

Londoners stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Christchurch. We will never forget that when terror sent ripples of fear through communities around the world, New Zealand’s Prime Minister proudly stood up for hope, unity and inclusiveness in the face of fear, division and hatred.

Khan is the mayor of London

Fortune: World’s Greatest Leaders

2. Jacinda Aardern

Jacinda Ardern had already broken new ground as a pregnant woman—and then a new mother—leading a nation. And this year, the 38-year-old Prime Minister showed the world her fullness as a leader as she deftly, empathetically, and humbly navigated New Zealand through the worst terror attack in its history, after 50 were killed at two mosques in Christchurch in March.

Rallying people behind the theme “We are one,” she channeled the country’s—and Muslim community’s—grief as she opened speeches with Arabic greetings and quietly wore a head scarf. She set a standard for dignity in the face of violence by refusing to speak the attacker’s name. And she won near-unanimous support for a ban on semiautomatic weapons of the kind used in the attack. Future leaders can look to Ardern for a master class in how to guide a country through a crisis

It’s quite different appearing on the international stage occasionally compared to the continuous grind of domestic politics.

It’s good to see Ardern recognised around the world, but she has a lot to do here to earn respect as an ongoing leader aas opposed to impressing on occasions.