Short story about privilege


This short story about privilege was penned in 2015. It remains one of our most shared stories, even four years later:

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The truth is dead. Long live the search for truth.

Toby Morris (The Spinoff) – The Truth is Dead

  1. Question everything. Absolutely. Poke and prod and research and ask tough questions.
  2. Listen to the answers.

I try to do this a bit, and so do some others, but many people seem to have already made their minds up, they react badly to being questioned and attack the questioner rather than listen.

It would be good if more people did this, but I don’t think there will be any sort of revolution in questioning ones own beliefs any time soon, nor in an improvement in behaviour when beliefs or agendas are questioned or exposed as nonsense.

The search for truth often seems to be overridden by a determination to retain beliefs.

Election – the money or the bag?

Is the election going to be as simple a few bucks in the hand versus a lot of other people getting more?

Toby Morris portrays it as a simple choice in The money or the bag?

As the parties reveal their priorities for September’s election, voters are starting to see the choices they’re facing.

Labour has released its alternative budget, which would put $17 billion more towards health, education and family incomes over four years.

And the Green Party pledged to raise core benefits and the minimum wage.

Meanwhile, National set out tax cuts in the Budget in May – though it also boosted Working for Families and the accommodation supplement, and put some extra funding towards health, including mental health, and education. Labour would scrap the tax cuts to pay for its programme.


I don’t know that voters will see it as simple as that sort of a choice.