From toilet paper to takeaways

It was very predictable that a rush to fast food would be in the news this morning. Many years of marketing seems to have created an addled and addicted clientele.

Leading up and at the start of the Level 4 lockdown there was bizarre panic buying of toilet paper and a rush to stock up on other things. At Easter and other times there were long queues to get into supermarkets. Quite a lot of people had problems dealing with logic and slower or less frequent shopping.

Social and business restrictions have been relaxed a little today as we switch back to Level 3 lockdown. Fast food outlets are now allowed to feed the frenzy (with contactless and safe distancing requirements). And inevitably the news is littered this morning with a rush by some to buy over processed and over packaged food.

News reports say that people were queuing two hours before opening at 6 am of outlets this morning.

It’s not even fast food – it would still be quicker to cook up a meal than to drive to the nearest outlet and queue for fat and sugar laden. But the modern consumer society driven by often absurd marketing wasn’t going to disappear with a month of lockout.

Regardless of precautions taken unnecessary trips to join queues to buy food of questionable quality raises the risk of coming into contact with Covid. I value my health more than taking that risk (and don’t like fast food queues at the best of times).

For various reasons I won’t be going out and buying takeaways for some time yet. Some fast food had reputations for not just unhealthy food, but also unhygienic food. I remember first getting fast food poisoning about 1974.

Pre-Covid I could do without takeaway slow queue food for weeks. I can happily live without it for another month or three.