Transport tolls in Auckland

A comment from Alan on transport tolls in Auckland.

Toll roads for Auckland?

AA spokesman Barney Irvine said feedback from members showed there was support out there for tolls – as long as people saw direct congestion benefits.

“But there’s also a lot of scepticism.”

There was an important distinction between using tolls to manage demand on the roads and raising revenue, Mr Irvine said.

No, there isn’t. Both are anti-competitive monopoly exploitation. User pays is entirely different and an honourable principle which the politicians need to rediscover and auditors need to validate.

NZ Herald: Auckland road tolls: Will drivers be forced to pay 40c per kilometre?


I’m a long way from Auckland and it’s transport congestion (as much as possible), I got fed up with it forty years ago and left after a short experience in the big smoke, so don’t have strong feelings on this.

Perhaps ironically the current banner headline at the Herald:

BREAKING NEWS Crash blocks city-bound lanes ahead of Auckland Harbour Bridge…

Traffic in Auckland can be bad enough on a good day, but crashes create chaos.