Excusing Trump’s behaviour

While Donald Trump still lags in the polls he still has a sizeable level of support, including in media. There are people who are willing to play down and excuse his temperament and behaviour.

Alarmingly Conrad Black claims This is how democracy is supposed to work.

He may be over the top in criticising Clinton but makes some valid points:

Hillary Clinton, though she would probably be an improvement on the recent past, represents continuity of what has been the most catastrophic 20 years of misgovernment in American history.

I think that’s debatable.

She was there, as first lady, senator, secretary of state, or candidate, for the housing bubble and Great Recession, the terrible drain of Middle East war that delivered most of Iraq to Iran and produced a colossal humanitarian tragedy, the doubling of the national debt in seven years to produce one per cent annual economic growth while 15 million people dropped out of the work force, and the terrible fiascoes of the abandoned red line in Syria and the cave-in to Iranian nuclear military ambitions with a fig leaf of (unverifiable) deferral.

She has been part of a government that has overseen serious problems, both domestic and international.

But she is an able person, still carrying the torch of feminism, and she isn’t Trump.

Fair summary.

This is why what is happening is not surprising: she represents the continuity of misgovernment that has angered and frightened Americans; a sure recipe for defeat, except that the alternative is so radical a change of pace and personality he gives the forces of change pause.

And the alternative:

Trump’s strength is that he has never sought public office, elected or otherwise and has brilliantly made himself the evocator and the voice of all Americans who are outraged at what has been done to their country.

I would say successfully rather than brilliantly. He has been far from brilliant, especially in the last couple of weeks.

He is not at all the sociopath that is claimed, or even the boor he sometimes seems. Personally, his conversation is a good deal less coarse than Hillary Clinton’s, and his demeanour is more equable. But he is a vintage American blowhard. This has sometimes extended to locker-room, towel-snapping bravura, and the Democrats have levered on that to claim that he is a sexist, a racist, and now, a molester of vulnerable females.

This is inexcusable excuse making. And ignoring how ‘a vintage American blowhard’ might get on in international diplomacy, the scariest part of a Trump presidency.

Imagine if Trump wins the presidency, WikiLeaks turns on him and he thinks the Russians are involved? His reactions to attack have been very ugly in the campaign. A lot more would be at stake on international relations.

Trump is not a racist; he just dislikes Muslim terrorists and illegal migrants. He is not a misogynist; he just expresses his sexual appreciation of them crudely, as men (and women) often do.

FFS. That is horrible excuse making.

And quite inaccurate – for example most people dislike Muslim terrorists, but Trump goes much further, saying he will shut out all Muslims, and ostracise those who currently live in the US. Same with ‘illegal immigrants’.

And ‘expresses his sexual appreciation of them crudely’ is a pathetic description.

Some of his coarseness was tactical, to energize and bring out immense numbers of lower-income, limited education yahoos who don’t normally vote. Some of it is his dislike of political correctness, and some part of his nature is emotional immaturity and hyper-sensitivity. It doesn’t remind anyone of Washington or Lincoln, but it doesn’t make it more likely that he will blow up the world.

He would, as a talented and historically bipartisan deal-maker, get the give-and-take system with the Congress working again and get it past the recent impasse between the use of unconstitutional executive orders and constant threats to shut down the government.

Talented and historically bipartisan deal-maker? He has torn the Republican Party apart, and has blamed the Democrats and the media of rigging the election, and worse. Much worse.

This is not the end of America or a serious blow to democracy. Either of these two candidates will be better than many U.S. past presidents and than most of the other current leaders of important countries. Vulgar though it is, if this campaign wasn’t an engrossing spectacle, we wouldn’t bother watching it.

It may not be the end of American democracy but it is dragging it down to new lows. US credibility has taken a serious hit.

Sorry Alan. While Conrad Black makes valid points his excuse making for horrible behaviour and his describing a terrible campaign as ‘how democracy is supposed to work’ is terrible.

And Black is not alone in his promoting of Trump’s chances.

Tom Howell Jr at Washington Times: Trump within striking distance of Clinton despite groping allegations

Donald Trump’s allies tried their best Sunday to tamp down an eruption of stories accusing the Republican presidential nominee of untoward sexual advances against women, as national polls showed the billionaire businessman still within striking distance of Hillary Clinton after a horrendous week.

The poll gap has eased a bit but it is still an uphill battle for Trump, – and up a fairly slippery slope.

His running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, said he “couldn’t be more proud” to stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Trump, despite the rising tally of women who have accused the presidential candidate of groping and other unwanted advances over the past few decades.

Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani also vouched for the real estate developer.

“I believe my friend Donald Trump when he tells me he didn’t do it,” he told CNN’s “State of the Union” program. “I know Donald. I have been with him for 28 years. I have never seen him do anything like that.”

No mention of the growing number of complainants, just parading a couple of excusers.

Mr. Trump has three weeks to make up ground lost in must-win battleground states before voters have their say on Nov. 8.

He has a lot of making up to do.  Real Clear Politics had him easing to -5.7% over the weekend but have just bumped the gap back up to 6.4%.

Are Black and Howell part of a pro-Trump conspiracy?  I don’t think so, they just promote him over Clinton and make excuses for him.