Abbott out, Turnbull now Australian Prime Minister

Leadership turmoil continues in Australia, with a rapid challenge and defeat of Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott in less than a day.

Malcolm Turnbull, who was ousted as Liberal leader by Abbott in 2009 when in Opposition, is now Australia’s Prime Minister.

Under Abbott the Liberal/National Coalition lost the 2010 election when new Labor leader Julia Gillard (who had recently rolled Kevin Rudd) was able to form a minority government.

Leading in to the 2013 election Rudd rolled Gillard and lost to Abbott and the Liberal/National Coalition.

Abbott has been a controversial leader who has made some prominent gaffes, the last of which was last week when he was caught on tape laughing at a joke about Pacific islands being flooded by climate change induced sea rises.

Stuff reports in Tony Abbott rolled as Australian Prime Minister by Malcolm Turnbull:

Malcolm Turnbull has been elected as Australia’s 29th Prime Minister, after launching an all-or-nothing leadership challenge on Monday afternoon in which he quit the front bench, declared Tony Abbott had failed as leader, and told colleagues that sticking with him would only make opposition leader Bill Shorten the next prime minister of Australia.

After his successful bid for the leadership of the Liberal Party was announced, Turnbull and Julie Bishop, who was re-elected as the party’s deputy leader, took to the stage to host a late-night press conference.

Turnbull reserved special praise for New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key.


The more moderate Turnbull emerged victorious from a tense late-night meeting of the Liberal party room and has been reunited in the leadership team with the deputy with whom he served as opposition leader until 2009, Julie Bishop.

Despite inflated claims of support by both sides as they sought to create momentum, the outcome in the end was decisive, with Turnbull winning 54 votes to 44.

Bishop beat Abbott-loyalist Kevin Andrews for the job of deputy by 70 votes to 30.

The result came at the end of an acrimonious day after Bishop confronted Abbott with the news he had lost the confidence of the majority of the party room and would face an imminent challenge from his communication minister, Turnbull.

The challenge came within hours.

The leadership change-over, which came just days before a hard-fought byelection will be decided in the Perth seat of Canning, was designed to reconfigure the government ahead of a general election due within a year, but has left it riven with divisions.

The end to Abbott’s troubled 24-month stint as prime minister concluded a dramatic day in federal politics, which saw the more popular Turnbull resign as Communications Minister and launch a full frontal challenge for the top job.

Leadership spills while in Government never look good.

Australian elections seem to be fought on the basis of the least stuffed up party.

The Liberals haven’t updated their website yet. Abbott is still shown as leader while Malcolm Turnbull is the very last of the ‘Team’.


Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull is the Minister for Communications and Federal Member for Wentworth. From January to December 2007, Malcolm was Minister for Environment and Water Resources in the Howard Government. Malcolm led the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party from September 2008 to December 2009. Malcolm was first elected to the House of Representatives for Wentworth, New South Wales in 2004.

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Tony Abbott leadership challenge

It looks like Tony Abbott’s leadership is being challenged in Australia.

Turnbull to challenge Abbott for leadership

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be challenged for leadership of the Liberal Party, the senior partner in the ruling conservative coalition, after Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull asked him to step aside on Monday.

Turnbull said he informed Abbott he would challenge him for the leadership after losing confidence in his management of the economy.

“The prime minister has not been capable of providing the economic leadership our nation needs. He has not been capable of providing the economic confidence that business needs,” Turnbull said.

“We need a different style of leadership.”

A style with far fewer stuffups would help.

I saw a report that said it could got to a vote and be decided “as early as tomorrow”.

That’s a bit different to UK Labour’s four month leadership process.

UPDATE: It’s all on. SMH reports:

Liberal leadership: How the spill motion will work

Malcolm Turnbull has announced he intends to challenge Prime Minister Tony Abbott for the leadership of the Liberal Party.

Mr Abbott will declare the leadership and deputy leadership of the party vacant at a party room meeting to be held Monday evening. He said he intended to contest the ballot and expected to win.

There may yet be another candidate beyond Mr Turnbull and Mr Abbott, though this would be unexpected.

If, on Monday night, it becomes clear one candidate has the support of the majority of the party, the losing contender may decide not to contest the ballot.

Not just our politicians who are boring

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