Slater’s climate ignorance

Cameron Slater shows his ignorance of climate change in a post HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME NEW ZEALAND.

New Zealand isn’t even in the top ten in this survey, we should all hang our heads in shame.

The United States and United Kingdom are leading the way in climate change scepticism, according to a recent survey which has found that one in three Americans and one in four Brits don’t believe climate change is a serious problem. By comparison, just four percent of Chinese and two percent of Malaysians agree.

The YouGov survey doesn’t even mention New Zealand. In the climate world we are insignificant.

Slater concludes:

Climate change, global warming or whatever you want to call it is total rubbish.

Apparently it doesn’t exist because people are dying in cold houses. Surely if there was global warming this wouldn’t be happening.

There is plenty of valid debate around climate change, but ignorant crap like that from Slater is total rubbish and doesn’t help his argument. It discredits the discrediting.