A tumultuous year in NZ politics?

One News reviews the political year claiming it was tumultuous. Was it? There was a lot of journalist and political social media interest in certain issues but very few of them affected the running of the country.

A tumultuous year in NZ politics: Take a look back at 2015

Prime Minister John Key went from no response on the Syrian refugee crisis, to an extra 600 places.

He rejected a social media campaign on the Red Peak flag before passing an urgent law change allowing it on the flag referendum ballot.

Then the previous rejection of a captial gains tax became a budget announcement of a new tax on property gains.

Meanwhile Labour leader Andrew Little withdrew his party’s long-held opposition to 90-day work trials and quickly dumped its policy to raise the pension age.

He also apologised for calling Parliament’s Speaker David Carter biased.

The year started with plenty of drama with National MP Mike Sabin’s resignation sparking the Northland by-election which National lost to New Zealand First.

Sam Lotu-Iiga lost his Corrections portfolio in the fall-out over Serco’s Mt Eden Prison mismanagement and Serco lost their contract to run the prison.

But 2015 also had its share of winners with Judith Collins getting back her place in cabinet, taking over the police and corrections portfolios.
And Winston Peters won the Northland by-election.

The year rounded off with New Zealand signing up to a groundbreaking pact to reduce global warming.

Most of that will have little to no effect on ordinary New Zealanders.

There’s a video clip link and that features Judith Collins:


Collins had very influence on the political year. She was appointed back into Cabinet just recently and has had no time to make any impact.

What media and journalists thinks might portray as tumultuous is irrelevant to most of us.

Trying to make the mundane look dramatic is counter-productive. When there is something that should be of genuine interest it is likely to be just shrugged off or ignored or never noticed.

Media cry wolf far too often.

What happened in politics this year that you think significantly impacted on your life?