Tame Barry versus Henry Henry Henry

This morning TV One will have a new look as far as presenters go, with Hilary Barry and Jack Tame taking over. A while ago Barry was newsreading on Newshub and trying to soften Paul Henry’s look on TV3’s morning programme.

I don’t watch ‘the Henry show with a bit of news’ unless there’s something of particular interest on (I watch Twitter to see what’s coming up) because I find him distracting, too opinionated and too disrespectful of the opinions of others.

I generally liked Barry’s presentation in the past because she was unobtrusive, as I think any news presenter should be. I’ll see how she goes when she is the focal point of a morning ‘show’.

So for morning news and associated fluff we now have Tame Barry versus Henry Henry this is all about me Henry.


The Trump circus, the Peters circus, the Craig circus

The Trump circus continues in the US. It’s over u year until the US election.

They have just discussed it on TV One’s Breakfast. It was mentioned how Trump was getting all the media attention.

Who is giving him all that attention, and why?

The female presenter (I genuinely don’t remember her name) remarked that Trump was entertaining and she liked the entertainment.

I think that highlights the problem. Media are becoming obsessed with entertainment. Serious issues and intelligent analysis are diminishing rapidly as those who see themselves as entertainers (media ‘personalities) promote trite coverage of those who promote themselves as entertaining (joke political aspirants).

This is why Winston Peters and Colin Craig get so much media attention here. The entertainment industry see them as entertaining.

Perhaps the people will pay more attention to politics if we had Reality Parliament.

The running of the country would get even less focus and scrutiny but maybe that’s what the people want.

Greens want in on Key-Cunliffe debates

Radio NZ reports that the Greens have asked TV1 and TV3 to include them in the main leaders debates in this year’s leadership debate.

The Green Party wants television networks to include one of its party leaders in the main leaders’ debates in the lead-up to the election – alongside John Key and David Cunliffe.

The Greens have made a formal request to TV One and TV3 for a co-leader to join the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition, rather than take part in the minor parties debate – which has been the typical election format.

The Greens say their 12 percent polling position puts them in a different league to the other smaller parties which are polling around 5 percent or less.

The timing isn’t the best for the poll claim, today’s One News/Colmar Brunton poll has greens down from 14 to 8%. That may be a one-off aberration or temporary, although they might not bounce right back up.

But that’s a side issue.

Should Turei or Norman join in with the main leader’s debates? There’s some justification. While Greens are polling about 1/3 of Labour levels they have been as active in opposition, probably more active. And Greens have ambitions of being a major player.

But there are things against this too, including:

  • Media like the presidential two opponent format.
  • If they let the Greens step up to the big time in debates Winston Peters is certain to claim a right as well.

But perhaps the biggest issue that requires some careful thought – it would effectively mean that Key was up against double barrelled opponents of Cunliffe plus either Turei or Norman.

Would two against one be a fair contest?