What next?

TV1 has run a 5 night series of programmes looking at the future. They have proposed Plan A – doing much the same as now – and Plan B – making radical changes to how we do things over the next 20 years.

What next?

The last programme is promoting what they have done as potentially a ‘pivotal moment’.

Has anyone watched any of it?

If so has it changed your mind? Has it inspired you to do things differently?

What next?

Morning TV

I like to keep an eye (or at least an ear) on morning TV from 6 am to catch up with news and interviews. This complements what I look for around the Internet.

I used to mainly watch TV3’s version because the presentation on TV1 annoyed me. Especially the pouty blonde co-presenter.

But the Paul Henry started and he annoyed me more. Too dominating, rude and opinionated for me.

So I started watching TV1 mostly with the occasional switch to 3 if there was something in particular I wanted to catch.

Now the blond pouty one has gone off on maternity leave (and yeah, her going on about having a baby was a bit wearisome) I find TV1 much less irritating so that will be my main background noise.

I source mostly from the Internet but a little from TV1 and substantially less from TV3.