Two new Covid cases, border controls seem to have failed

Two people who came to New Zealand and then were allowed to break their quarantine and travel from Auckland to Wellington to see a dying relative have tested positive for Covid.

Why the hell isn’t everyone coming into the country not tested for Covid before allowed to break quarantine?

New Zealand has been very lucky in containing Covid, but people coming into the country have been the biggest risk and border controls have always seemed to be inadequate.

RNZ:  Two new Covid-19 cases in NZ visited dying parent – Bloomfield

In a statement released this afternoon, the Ministry of Health said the two new cases were related to the border as a result of recent travel from the UK.

The ministry said both cases were connected, but offered little further information, leaving questions for Dr Bloomfield’s media briefing.

Dr Bloomfield said they were both women aged in their 30s and 40s respectively, and were from the same family. They arrived in New Zealand from the UK on 7 June.

“A new case is something we hoped we wouldn’t get, but it’s also something we expected and have planned for.”

They traveled from the UK via Doha and then Brisbane. Australian authorities were contacted to trace people in Australia, Dr Bloomfield said. It was uncertain where they became infected.

As part of their agreed plan under the compassionate circumstances agreement, they were tested in Wellington. Both have since gone into self-isolation in the Wellington region.

Again, why the hell weren’t they tested as soon as they arrived in the country? Or at least before they were allowed to leave quarantine?

Compassionate exemptions temporarily suspended

Health Minister Dr David Clark says he has required the Director General of Health to suspend compassionate exemptions from managed isolation, in order to ensure the system is working as intended.

It can’t have been working as intended, unless the intentions were badly flawed.