Labour for Lester for Wellington

Justin Lester has launched his campaign for Mayor of Wellington.He is clearly backed by Andrew Little and is running as a Labour party candidate.

He announced some policy policies:

“Firstly, as Mayor I’m going to offer a $5000 rates rebate to anyone who wants to build their first home here.

That’s a significant rates rebate, funded by other ratepayers.

If we act quickly, we could end up like Auckland where people are locked out of the market entirely.

That sounds like a mistake.

“Secondly, I’ll make swimming free for kids under 5 at council pools. This is about making sure all our families have access to council facilities, no matter how much money they make. The cost is a paltry $55,000 per annum, there’s no reason why this can’t happen soon.

More free stuff for some funded by others.

“I’ll also deliver an upgrade for our airport, more affordable public transport and deliver projects like a film museum to add millions to our local economy.

Using ratepayers money presumably.

Waiving fees for outdoor dining will help remove obstacles to CBD vibrancy and business success.

More on his website.

It’s interesting to see who is promoting his mayoral bid.

‘Notices and Features’ posted a Justin Lester launches campaign for Wellington Mayor promo at The Standard.

Current Deputy Mayor of Wellington Justin Lester launched his campaign for the mayoralty yesterday, running on a Labour ticket.

There’s nothing in the video that follows that links Lester’s campaign to Labour until the final screen:


His website headline:

Sign up to help elect Justin Lester, Labour’s candidate for Wellington Mayor.

Clearly a Labour local body candidate. Also:


Labour leader Andrew Little has also given his stamp of approval:


So while Labour MP Phil Goff is running for the mayoralty in Auckland as an independent candidate – even though Labour set up a support office for local candidates – Lester is sort of openly campaigning as a Labour Party candidate.