More sex recommended for older men

A natural health researcher has released a report that says men as young as 40 need to adopt a natural preventative approach, which includes more sex, to improve prostate health.

I don’t know how good the science is behind this but as long as it’s consensual sex or self administered it should at least do no harm and make for some happier men.

NZ Herald: More sex for a healthy prostate – report

A new report, Prostate Health… Sex, Lies and Misconceptions, released by Christchurch-based natural health researcher Warren Matthews, says men as young as 40 need to adopt a natural preventative approach, which includes more sex, to improve prostate health.

Frustrated by misinformation and a lack of medical emphasis on clinically-proven natural preventative treatments, Mr Matthews speaks frankly with men about the pros and cons of the digital prostate exam and other interventions used in the diagnosis and treatment of an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer.

“There are thousands of men worldwide who have had unnecessary, invasive or non-surgical intervention for issues of the prostate, and are now having to deal with sexual dysfunction, incontinence, rectal bleeding and other serious or permanent side effects,” he said.

“These side effects can have a dramatic impact on a man’s sexual wellbeing and self-esteem. It’s time for men to fight prostate cancer by understanding what clinically-proven natural alternatives are available, and practice prevention much earlier.”

Prostrate cancer is a significant ‘men’s problem’. Some men may think that a lack of sex is a problem too.

According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand, one in 13 men will develop prostate cancer before the age of 75.

If more sex can help prevent prostrate cancer it’s got to be a good thing.

However I’m a bit sceptical about the report generally – it has been published on a commercial health website:

Prostate Health… Sex, Lies and Misconceptions


This special report should be read by every man 40+. If you are a woman who has a partner, husband, brother, father or a male friend aged 40+, please share this report with him.

Armed with this knowledge it could not only ultimately save your/their life, it could also have an enormous impact on your/their future sense of wellbeing, comfort, and reduce the risk of sexual dysfunction and thus have a positive impact on personal relationships.

I have been prompted to write this as a result of the publicity which is given to ‘Blue September’ each year as part of ‘Prostate Awareness Month’. You may have seen the television adverts showing a male Doctor snapping on a surgical glove and pointing his finger in the air! The message is urging men to go and have a ‘digital prostate exam’.

The ‘digital’ part of the exam has nothing to do with computers…it is a politically correct term for the digits on our hand, otherwise known as fingers.

I’m not sure if the last paragraph is a serious explanation or an attempt at humour.

I’ve found doctors to still be a very good source of health advice. On my last few visits they have asked, listened and explained well, and it has become common for them to provide web links where further information can be found. That isn’t to commercial websites.

This is one site that I’ve been pointed to that seems useful:  Patient – trusted medical information and support

Patient on Prostate Cancer (it doesn’t mention more sex).

New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation