“Memorandum is really paper thin”

Waatea 5th Estate looked at the Labour-Green Memorandum of Understanding, and Dr Wayne Hope said that with no Labour policies and therefore no shared policy platforms the agreement is just “a piece of paper”.

Martyn Bradbury: Wayne All Labour and Greens really want out of this is the perception of a bloc so that when TVNZ and TV3 (Newsbub) roll out that latest polling data they look far closer to National’s total than they do when it’s separated out. Will this announcement be enough to help remind New Zealander’s that the election is a hell of a lot closer than than is currently being perceived?

A typical Bradbury question loaded with his own opinion. The election is still well over a year away, probably closer to 17 months away, about half a term.

Former Alliance Party candidate, political media blogger and lecturer at AUT School of Communication – Dr Wayne Hope

Wayne Hope: The announcement’s too little too late in the absence of any shared policy platforms on key areas. And the key areas are taxation, housing policy, climate change mitigation, employment creation.

Now without a shared platform, costed policy platforms around those key issues, then this Memorandum is really paper thin, nd you can’t have one without the other.

And that’s why I’m a little bit cynical about it, because one of the problems here is that the Labour Party itself has not developed it’s own policy on those particular areas.

Labour have said they will work on their own policies, and on any joint policy agreements with Greens, some time in the future.

Wayne Hope: What is the labour Party policy on taxation as of now?

What is the Labour overall strategy to redress the housing crisis as of now?

What is Labour’s view on climate change as of now?

In the absence of developing settled positions on those policy areas we’re not going to get shared policy platforms with the Greens, and if that doesn’t happen soon enough then this memorandum will just be a piece of paper.

It’s hard to argue against that, unless you are a dedicated Labour or Green supporter with  ambition absent any substance.

Andrew Little and Metiria Turei have repeated their shared policy platforms:

  • Get bad John Key
  • Get that awful National Party
  • Change the Government
  • Change the Government
  • Change the Government
  • Don’t mention Winston

They want voters to dump the known and trust in the unknown.

They seem to hope that the voters don’t care that what happens after the election because the memorandum is just a piece of paper that gets ripped up on election day.

Source: Waatea 5th Estate  – Left Wing Jedi Council debate the Labour-Green MoU
– segment from about 6:40