“Just a bit of fun” – buffoon or arsehole?

John Key has apparently repeated claiming the hair pulling was “just a bit of fun” (reported on the Paul Henry Show).

He has already been quoted saying it was “horsing around”, an unfortunate description of pony tail pulling.

At Kiwiblog, where there has been a lot of excuse making for Key’s behaviour, Weihana suggested:

Seems more buffoon-ish than arsehole-ish.

One of Key’s traits is being a bit buffoonish, and some find it endearing.

The problem here is that one person’s buffoon can be another person’s arsehole.

It’s not uncommon for bullies to claim they are just having a bit of fun, just horsing around, just being a buffoon. However the targets of their attention may think otherwise, and often do.

The victim of Key’s hair pulling has made it clear she didn’t think it was fun.

And buffoons who persist can become arseholes to those on the receiving end.

This is something that Key hasn’t yet shown he understands. And neither apparently do his defenders.

I think this is something Key has to address. If he does he could repair some of the damage. If he doesn’t the damage could and probably will deepen.

Many people are ‘weirded out” by what Key seems to have a habit of doing. If they remain weirded out then Key’s chances of being kicked out by voters will grow.

Some people say this issue will quickly fade away. It will, partially. But there’s a very good chance it will be a nail or two in National’s last term coffin.