Wacky conspiracies being pushed at Whale Oil

Whale Oil has increasingly become an outlet for wacky right wing agendas and conspiracy theorists. They are also increasingly Wail Oil, claiming to be ‘poor me’ Christians under attack by everyone while the United Nations takes over the world (the UN is not known for being effective or powerful).

They increasingly rage against ‘the media’ and claim to be some sort of truth seeking alternative, but use that same media for a lot of their content.

They are also now an outlet for the New Conservative Party (after having trashed the Conservative Party), which must be desperate for attention using the now politically toxic blog.

One contributor is Dieuwe de Boer, who is described at Whale Oil

I’m the first of a new breed of young gun-totin’, Bible-bashin’, conservative family men fighting against left-wing regressives. Either that or I’m making a heroic last stand for freedom as the sun sets on Christian civilisation.
You can find more of me on Right Minds NZ.

A post by him on Sunday, Only activism remains when journalism dies, concludes:

We shall see if journalism decides to make a comeback, but until then the partisan activists masquerading as journalists can keep wondering why we don’t want to talk to them. Why would we waste our time when the end product will be fake news regardless of what we say or don’t say?

They really are the enemy of the people and the enemy of the truth.

Yesterday another contributor Max Sky addressed “Dear New Zealand Mainstream media” in We see through the lies:

Currently, we do have choices such as Whaleoil and Fox News available in New Zealand via the internet, channels that have chosen to deliver the other side of the story. However, the left-leaning MSM choose to exaggerate the views expressed on these sites to amplify their own message.

Just because Jacinda is a Socialist Prime Minister you publish everything she says unchallenged.

That’s just plain bullshit.

You put Jacinda on our screens and quote her in your tweets and stories but never hold her to account or query her connection with the UN. 

Perhaps because the ‘UN is taking over the world’ conspiracy is not backed by any facts, just implied like this with no evidence provided.

The irony is that if Jacinda gets her way and enables internet censorship, the free market MSM will soon cease to exist as there will be only one ‘Pravda’ channel. Alternative views will be banned. You will no longer be able to provide both sides of an argument, enable critical thinking, or facilitate a true understanding about what is happening around us.

This sort of ‘the end is nigh for free speech’ claim – without being based on facts – has become common at WO. It is nothing more than a wacky conspiracy theory. Perhaps those chemtrails are getting to them.

It’s not too late to live up to your position as the Fourth Estate.

Perhaps you could start by asking questions about:

  • Who is financing the left wing, Mainstream media?
  • Who is financing the UN which is led by a confirmed Socialist politician?
  • Why is the Human Rights Council ‘stacked and backed’ by oil money perhaps purchasing arms to fund Jihad against the West and Israel?
  • Why the EU calls on the USA to fund their military for the defence of Europe against the Russians when their oil and gas supplies are reliant on Russian supply?

In a world where powerful Marxist people lie so brazenly and the mainstream media amplify the lies, eventually, the people will rebel.

Asking questions is a way of asserting things without supporting anything with facts.

This ‘other side of the story’ truth seeking is nonsense, but it is where WO is veering as it continues to lose relevance. I guess there’s money to be made from those who seek immoral support for nutty and extreme agenda mongering, but they are unlikely to raise a rabble let alone a rebellion.

Fake claims at Whale Oil about mainstream media news coverage

Whale Oil has criticised mainstream media for years, claiming to be some sort of great new alternative –  ironically while relying a lot on MSM content for many of their posts.

On Tuesday they blasted MSM for not covering a story from a long time continuation of Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, but author SB either didn’t check basic facts, or deliberately posted fake claims.

The post from Tuesday: The mainstream media won’t cover this story so Whaleoil will

by SB on May 7, 2019 at 8:00am

Sadly when Israelis are being killed, their houses destroyed and their lives under constant threat from terrorists the Mainstream media do not care. They only lift their head up to write an article when one of the countless rockets fired from Gaza lands in Gaza and kills their own children. Then the media rocks up to show the bloody corpse of the Palestinian child and claim that it was a rocket from Israel that caused the child’s death.

The best way for Whaleoil to bring you up to speed with what has been going on is to put together the below collection from social media as without it you would have no idea that anything of note was happening thanks to the disinterest of the mainstream media.

The problem with this is that New Zealand media had been covering this days beforehand.

Sunday 5 May:

Monday 6 May:

The local real media had moved on from this story by the time SB got around to saying something about it, feeding fake comments:

Ian: ” Thank goodness we have Whaleoil . . . MSM also starve us of any news from South Africa as well as Israel, unless it can portray white people and non-muslims as evil and aggressors.

WIN: “The first I heard about the attacks was a post on WO Backchat two nights ago, which prompted me to look at overseas news sources for info. Amazing it’s ignored by NZ MSM.”

John doe: “Well done SB. Please keep following up. The biggest event in the world in the last 34 hours and silence from our MSM. They are a disgrace and should be called out as such. I simply can not understand how they can not impartially report on this terrorist attack on the only democratic state in the region.”

avionz: “Thank you for keeping us up to date with this situation SB. Our mendacious media either avoid mention of Israel or spew biased propaganda. Thank goodness for the people on WO who think for themselves and are ready to point out the hypocrisy from our leaders, the media and the UN. Shalom.”

Sailor Sam: “This is not confined to NZ, the left wing propaganda machine that is the government owned ABC has no mention of it at all, lots about baby Sussex though.”

Also false.

All of those reports make it clear Israel reacted to rockets fired from Gaza.

Even The Daily Blog posted on the rocket initiated escalation days before WO:

There is plenty the media can legitimately be criticised for without making fake claims.

Whale Oil switches domains

After being virtually out of action for much of yesterday the Whale Oil blog became functional again mid afternoon, but on a different domain.

On Monday Whale Oil was accessed on the whaleoil.co.nz domain, as it had done since it started in 2005, and their associated Twitter and Facebook feeds also linked to the same doman. The switch happened overnight, but technical problems both made the site largely inaccessible (clicking links came up with  ‘security breach vulnerability’ errors), and highlighted the switch to the whaleoil.net.nz domain.

The whaleoil.co.nz address still works, as do those versions of all site links, but if you click on any site link it is to the new whaleoil.net.nz – all site links going back to the blog beginning in 2005 have been changed to .net – and all of yesterday all links from their Facebook and Twitter feeds were to the changed domain.

‘spanishbride’ (apparent blog manager Juana Atkins) acknowledged problems at 8:05 am in a comment:

Maintenance is under way to fix certificate issues. Also we are getting the code fixed for the puzzles to make them work too.

One response (Old Kiwi):

15:38 FYI Still getting redirected to Whaleoil.net.nz on login to Whaleoil, and still getting logged out of discus when clicking on a new/different post. Changes to “Net” when doing that also. Not noticed the “net” URL before but it is sitting in my saved passwords, not sure when that happened.

‘spanishbride’ again at 10:45 am:

Dear Whaleoil readers we are currently experiencing technical difficulties that we are working through.

We have not been hacked and normal service will return once we have worked through each issue one by one.

I apologise for the frustration this will cause and ask for your patience.
We are doing everything we can to resolve this.Thank you for bearing with us as we deal with this.

SB (Atkins) posted a similar message headed Keep calm and carry on:

Dear Whaleoil readers we are currently experiencing technical difficulties that we are working through.

We have not been hacked and normal service will return once we have worked through each issue one by one.

I apologise for the frustration this will cause and ask for your patience.
We are doing everything we can to resolve this.

Thank you so much for bearing with us as we deal with this.

I do not yet know if we will still be having problems tomorrow.

If we are please do not panic and be assured that we will get there in the end.

She was not open and transparent about the reason for the technical difficulties.

So why the change of domains?

There have been a number of changes with company and site domain ownership over the last few months, and during the same period Cameron Slater, who used to be synonymous with Whale Oil, withdrawing from open involvement and filing for bankruptcy.

See details: Whale Oil company put into liquidation after rearrangements

The registration of the whaleoil.co.nz domain was changed from Social Media Consultants Limited to WOBH Limited (a new company), and then Social Media Consultants Limited went into liquidation. The current registration (last changed 13 April 2019) of whaleoil.co.nz has a number of contacts:

Registrant Name: WOBH Limited

Registrant Contact Email: sb@whaleoil.co.nz

Registrant Contact Address: the address of Slater and Atkins, street number 12/4

Admin Contact Email: andrea@whaleoil.org.nz (note a different domain)

Technical Contact Email: reganjcunliffe@gmail.com

Technical Contact Address: the address of Slater and Atkins, street number 12/4

The Registrant is Umbrellar Limited t/a Freeparking with a New Plymouth address.

The Registrar for whaleoil.net.nz (and whaleoil.nz and whaleoil.org.nz) is Instra Corporation (www.instra.com) with a Melbourne address. It was registered on 31 March 2019.

Contact name for each is Whaleoil Media (the @Whaleoil Twitter account shows as ‘Whaleoil Media’).

The Registrant Contact Email, Admin Contact Email and Technical Contact Email are all reganjcunliffe@gmail.com – Regan Cunliffe has been associated with Slater for years.

Cunliffe is also sole contact for whaleoil.org.nz (registered 31 March 2019_and whaleoil.nz (registered 20 October 2014, last modified 25 February 2019).

The address for all three has a street number of 124 but the same street name as for whaleoil.co.nz.

I can only guess what all the company and registration changes have been done for, and the timing of the domain switch.

from the first liquidator’s report for Social Media Consultants Limited:

The domain name switch could have been done with the approval of the liquidator, but if not the liquidator could be interested in looking into it considering the assurance that asset changes were “to preserve the value of the blog”, as they had indicated there had been several offers to purchase the blog.

The shift to a different domain could render the original domain valueless.

Creditors could also be interested. See Liquidated Whale Oil company owes more than half a million dollars



Whale Oil inciting anti-Christian/anti-Muslim anger

Whale Oil posts continue to try to drive up anger and intolerance towards Muslims in New Zealand, while trying to claim that Christians are the victims of an unfair lack of sympathy.

After the Christchurch mosque attacks here was an effort made by some, including here on Your NZ, to attack politicians (mainly Jacinda Ardern) and media for what was claimed to be a disparity between reacting to and reporting of one of the only and by far the worst terrorist attacks in new Zealand, compared to one f many attacks in Nigeria in a long running internal war.

From a New Zealand there was little comparison between the two, but that didn’t stop attempts to equate them and to dump on anyone who hadn’t reported them in a similar manner.

Soon after the bombings in Sri Lanka this meme was launched as if it was prepared for. One of the first to attack was nasty UK alt-right activist Katie Hopkins, who slammed Jacinda Ardern for responding differently to an attack in a foreign country to one in the country she is Prime Minister of.

This was supported repeated in social media here. It’s as if they are trying to be some sort of speech police, condemning anyone who doesn’t word their condemnations to their satisfaction. But it also looks like an attempt to paint ‘Christians’ as the victims, and to drive up anger against Islam and by association Muslims.

David Farrar ridiculed the Hopkins effect at Kiwiblog: Defending Jacinda from Katie Hopkins

Jacinda Ardern is not the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. She is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Why on earth would she do anything in response to an attack in another country, except the normal expressions of sympathy?

I still don’t get how people get so worked up over a display of empathy to the Muslim community in New Zealand. It was genuine and a great idea.

The sensible comparison is would she have done the same if another religious minority was slaughtered in New Zealand, and I am sure the answer would be yes. If 50 Jews had been killed while praying at a synagogue in New Zealand, then Ardern would probably have worn a kippah or yarmulke as a sign of respect and empathy.

There’s so much legitimate stuff to criticise Ardern on, that it drives me crazy that people get worked up on this.

Of course being attacked by Katie Hopkins is akin to being savaged by Chloe of Wainuiomata.

That’s an unfair comparison, more Kiwis will have heard of Chloe.

But as has become the norm at Kiwiblog, comments ran in the other direction, likke this well upticked comment from Simonp:

I think the point is that no Muslim leader would show empathy for any Christian attack in the same way and that Jacinda did. Equally, Jacinda wishes the Muslim community happy Ramadan but fails to wish the New Zealand happy Easter. It comes across as fear and pandering and could embolden extremists. Hopkins was challenging Jacinda to make an equally bold statement in support of Christianity.

Not really. Hopkins was attacking Ardern for showing sympathy and empathy for Muslims in New Zealand, but not naming Christians as victims in Sri Lanka in her first brief official response.  Ardern referred to “bombings there on Easter Sunday”, a fairly obvious Christian reference. She also referred to “an attack in Sri Lanka while people were in churches and at hotels”, which seems sensible given the hotel attacks were not obviously targeting one religion over any others.


Virtue signalling is virtue signalling and is no sign of genuine grief. It is merely a form of superfluous and superficial egotism. There may indeed be genuine sympathy felt beneath the outward ‘look- at -me’ show, and sincere grief felt – that is for no-one to judge- but there is never a need to wave a flag, or don a hijab in this instance, to let the world know just how sincere and deep your feelings are. Such people deserve mockery.

‘Virue signalling’ is one of those pejoratives that I have difficulty knowing what people actually mean – or if they know what it means. Is Hopkins virtue signalling? She certainly promotes the virtues of Christians and slams the virtues of Muslims, as do a number of commenters at Kiwiblog (some argued against).

While Kiwiblog simmers and seethes beneath the surface in comments threads, Whale Oil also drives a religious divide in posts.

Whale Oil has championed Hopkins for years. They (they now being under the management, guidance  and apparent control of Juana Atkins)  jumped on the Hopkins bashwagon following the Sri Lanka attacks.

‘Whaleoil staff’ posted the first Hopkins tweet as Tweet of the Day on Monday, which haad some predictable responses, including this from ‘Sunshine’:

Christians all over the world are hunted at the moment not because they are Christians, but because they represent western civilisation. Ardern and her ilk want to ‘fundamentally transform’ the west, as Barry Soetoro once said.

That is laden with conspiracy theorising (actually they are not theories, they are dirty memes) – in particular, that it is a clash of civilisations with Christians as the victims.

The following day Atkins posted Things that make me go hmm under ‘SB’ (one of her pseudonyms), where she nitpicked Theresa May tweets on the Christchurch and Sri Lanka attacks, followed by another ridiculous Hopkins quote:

Why does Islam always matter more to Christian leaders?

That doesn’t even make sense to me. It prompted typical (for a tightly controlled forum like Whale Oil) responses, like this from Boondecker:

“Violence against churches and hotels… ” – what an odd thing to say/tweet in the circumstances. There appears to be a very strange but obvious disconnect when you become a political leader. No wonder they’re rated even below car and insurance salesmen in terms of trustworthiness (the mainstream media are the only crowd that’s worse).

“Violence against churches and hotels” is fairly accurate for a brief generalised tweet. ‘Churches’ is synonymous with ‘Christian’:

1. a building used for public Christian worship

And several hotels were also bombed.

Yesterday the anger meme was promoted in Growing anger over anti-Christian terror denialism

Anger is growing around the world at the blatant disparity and hypocrisy of the media and political elite in their reactions to terrorism, depending on who the victims are.

Of course no proof is provided that anger is growing anywhere. What this looks like is an attempt to grow anger in New Zealand.

Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism. It shouldn’t matter who the innocent victims are: Muslims in a market in Quetta or in a mosque in Christchurch, or Christians on the streets of Rome or in churches in Sri Lanka. But, as we are seeing after the Easter carnage in Sri Lanka, it matters very much to the media-political elite who the victims are.

Christians are way down on the Victim Totem Pole.

Not at Whale Oil, where they are playing the ‘Christians are victims in a clash of civilisations’ card hard.

As per the standard narrative, no matter who is shredded by terrorists’ bombs, the real victims, as far as the media-political elite are concerned, are always Muslims.

That’s just pathetic nonsense.

But it’s dangerous nonsense. Whale Oil, with Atkins leading the charge now, is trying to drive up anger and division between Muslims and Christians.

Whale Oil has also actively promoted gun rights including the ‘right’ to own military style weapons. The blog attracts people who like firearms, and it attracts people who see Christians as victims, who see ‘Western civilisation’ under threat, and see Islam and Muslims as the threat.

As the 50 Christchurch murders showed, it only takes one person to believe this sort of persistent inflammatory claptrap to escalate things into extreme violence.

Probably all of the posts and most of the comments at Whale Oil would fall short of any hate speech laws – certainly the laws we currently have. But the sum of all the parts, the ongoing inciting posts (often multiple in a day) and the comments in support, looks like a campaign of hate and intolerance and division. It is difficult to legislate against that.

But this sort of campaign of fear mongering and hate should be called out for what it is, and should those who are responsible for it.

Blogs can be echo chambers for the disgruntled in opposition

Something I have noticed on political blog commentariats since the 2017 election is the increase in moaning on Kiwiblog, and a better tone at The Standard. For forums that are largely aligned with the left or right, or with National or Labour, the tone of comments seems to be significantly affected by whether the preferred party and politics are in Government or in Opposition.

This came up at Kiwiblog today in response to what are common complaints about the perceived affect of moderation on commenting there.


By the way moderators, what has happened to what was once a robust, feisty liberal blog? It appears to be moribund now and I wonder why I bother to write. It is sad to see the passing of good history.

Charmaine Hawke:

I will also add what happened to if we can determine who you are you will bypass moderation? It seems to me very few of the regulars are getting through.
DPF why didn’t you just say everyone will be moderated and leave it at that.


the real time conversations you used to be able to have to thrash out ideas

That’s been slowly dying on KB for a while now sadly, imho. It was happening before moderation.
KB was better when National was government. Now it’s a bit of an echo chamber for the disgruntled. I’m guessing the Standard was a bit like that when Labour was in opposition.

I think to an extent at least SGA is right.

The Standard commenting quality seems to have improved since the Labour led Government took over, and Kiwiblog does seem to have taken over more of the  “echo chamber for the disgruntled” mantle.

Whale Oil has also become more or an echo chamber for the disgruntled, but the chief disgrunter was moaning a lot about the last government when he was cut out of the information and leak channels. Now with SB in charge she seems to be trying to model on more on Breitbart, with more ‘conservative’ (extreme) Christian leanings as well.

Has The Daily Blog changed?  I don’t follow things much there, I find the website a mess and difficult to find my way around, so don’t bother most of the time, but there are indications that Martyn Bradbury has moved his criticisms of National to criticisms of Labour since the change of Government. he isn’t keen on the greens and there is no other party that suits his politics to back.

Update – I just checked out The Daily Blog and Bradbury, obviously dismayed at the CGT capitulation, is promoting the idea of a far left ‘anti-neoliberalism’ party to challenge Labour’s lack of real transformation:

A new political party in the wake of the CGT betrayal & the Politics of Kindness vs the unCivil Service

Atkins still promoting and stoking Islamophobia at Whale Oil

Whale Oil has stoked and promoted intolerance against Islam and Muslims for years, with generalised attacks and mass blaming common from both Cameron Slater and Juana Atkins (posting as SB, commenting as spanishbride). Slater has dropped out, but Atkins has kept up her campaign of prejudice and denigration.

There was a slight pause when the Christchurch mosques were attacked, but it didn’t take long for Atkins to resume stoking the Islamophobic fire, pouring oil at the Whale. If anything it has increased.

On Monday Atkins (SB) posted Things that make me go hmm

She first quoted from a Stuff article (Whale Oil bases many of their posts on mainstream media articles, despite slamming the quality of media and claiming to be an alternative).

Woman forced to leave Auckland pool over claims her bikini was inappropriate

A woman was left flabbergasted after she was told her bikini was inappropriate to wear at a public pool.

Yvette Harvie-Salter, 26, was at Albany Stadium Pool, on Auckland’s North Shore, on Saturday with her partner to use the adults only sauna and spa – something she has done three times a week for the past two years.

She was told her bikini from Glassons was not appropriate swimwear and some women had complained about what she was wearing for the “last little while”.

Harvie-Salter said she had been wearing the same bikini for the past few months but was told she couldn’t wear it at the pool and was asked if she had any other bikinis at home.

[…] “Her words were ‘it’s not a rule at Albany Stadium Pool but all these mums have complained’,” she said.
“She pretty much didn’t take a bar up of it and she said ‘well you’ve got to wrap up. You’ve got to put a towel around you if you are wanting to walk around wearing that bikini’.”

[…] “It just feels like body shaming, really,” she said. “I am really hurt by it.”

Harvie-Salter said she saw men at the pool all the time wearing “tiny little Speedos” and they had never been told to cover up.

She said she refused to cover up her bikini and as a result, had to leave.

[…] McGee said there were no rules banning certain types of swimwear at Auckland Council pools.

Here is the whole Stuff article:  Woman felt forced to leave Auckland pool over claims her bikini was inappropriate

What SB did not quote (apart from the last line) was:

​Rob McGee, head of active recreation at Auckland Council, said he was disappointed a customer was made to feel unwelcome at the pool she regularly used.

“On behalf of the lifeguard who spoke to the customer and the team at Albany, I would like to offer a sincere apology to the customer.

“We are sorry she was made to feel uncomfortable, and the lifeguard who passed on the feedback from other pool users now realises this wasn’t the right thing to do.”

McGee said Harvie-Salter, who rightly felt offended and upset, was given a refund and left the pool.

“She was never asked to leave, however we understand her decision. We will be contacting the customer directly to apologise and ensure she knows she is welcome back anytime.”

McGee said there were no rules banning certain types of swimwear at Auckland Council pools.

So it seems to have been an overstepping by a lifeguard, and annoyed swimmer, followed by an apology and an assurance. Not a big deal overall.

But Atkins didn’t leave it at that. She tacked on summaries of three old Whale Oil posts:

Mount Roskill brings segregation and apartheid to public pools in New Zealand – by SB on march 19, 2017

The headline says, “Women-only swim night ‘very popular’ among Muslim community” but it was the Muslim community that asked for and was provided with segregated swimming lessons. A public pool is being partially closed one night a week to give Muslim women the opportunity to enjoy some uninterrupted time in the water

In that post Atkins also said:

This is how segregation will be spread throughout New Zealand’s public swimming pools. By denying the obvious truth that this is a special segregation created to meet the needs of the Muslim community they are sugar-coating it with the falsehood that fat women will benefit from the classes being available. Anyone who buys that lie deserves a New Zealand where the Muslim community successfully brings Apartheid to our public swimming pools. Once they have achieved that concession New Zealand wide it will be spread to our public beaches, our schools and elsewhere. It is called cultural Jihad,destroying our freedom and equal rights from within our society and the well-meaning but naive idiots in Mount Roskill are letting them.

You don’t help people to integrate by pandering to an oppressive culture. You help them to integrate by making it clear which aspects of their culture are unacceptable inside our society. I predict that Mount Roskill will become the first Muslim suburb of Auckland. They have taken control of a public pool and it will not be the only public facility that they will pressure to become ” culturally appropriate.

Covert Islamic segregation at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre by SB on March 24, 2017

In Auckland WaterSafe were upfront about their Islamic segregation policy. They openly provided a rate payer funded Muslim Women’s Swimming programme for 12 years in Mount Roskill. At some point, they decided to go under the radar and re-named it the Womens’ Swimming programme but not everyone got the memo and up until Whaleoil broke the story ( admittedly 12 years too late) it was still being advertised and timetabled as Muslim Women’s Swimming lessons.

SB concludes:

Wellington Council like Auckland Council is providing Sharia compliant swimming lessons for Muslim women. They have gone to the trouble of putting lipstick on the pig but it is still a pig.

She went to the trouble of being deliberately offensive.

Step two: curtains around the public pool by SB on May 19, 2017

Useful Infidels think that my posts about the Muslim women only swimming programme at the public swimming pool in Mount Roskill (that had been provided on the tax payer’s dollar for twelve years quietly under the radar) was no big deal. I was making a mountain out of a molehill, and what harm did modest Muslim women pose to our society by segregating themselves from the public eye in a public swimming pool? My premise that it was only step one in a slow but relentless march towards the Islamification of New Zealand society was ridiculous they said.

These three posts from two years ago appear to have no connection to this week’s bikini story, which made no reference at all to anything to do with Islam or Muslim. Atkins has used her old posts as an excuse to continue her campaign of prejudiced Muslim bashing.

And she seems to have achieved her objective – generating Islamophobia in comments.


Sadly, my second thought for the reason for the ban was what this post implies. The first was that perhaps the bikini was a bit skimpy, until I saw the photo of a perfectly ordinary item of swimwear. The reference to mums also makes no sense as the spa is described as adults only. Still, the Albany Stadium Pool management can quickly clear this up by clarifying the source of the complaint. Yeah, right.


I’m surprised Jacinda didn’t turn up at the time (just by coincidence) and let her borrow her headscarf to cover up which ever bits somebody found offensive.


This is a lot like hate speech, if a person finds it offensive it’s considered hate speech. This is a slippery slope, if i was that women i would get my friends together and hopefully one is a lawyer and see what happens. I bet they don’t get the police because the council cant just make up rules on a day to day basis.
They have to abide by the law, this is not Iran or the 1930’s, i would dare them to arrest me and see how that plays out. The only way to stop this rubbish is right at the start before it gets life of it’s own.


There will be a lot more behind this rubbish than meets the eye . . . we now must compete with an unelected unwanted PM, dangerous Greens, and Islam if we want to keep our sanity.


It is a bikini – it is appropriate swimwear for a pool. If the overweight middle aged judgmental “mothers” don’t like it then either go somewhere else or put the biscuit tin down. I am saying this as a middle aged overweight mother clutching the chardonnay & chocolate for dear life. How dare the lifeguard ask her to leave based ion the whining of a group of self entitled minority stay at homers (I am guessing) who are jealous of the younger thinner model. I hope she returns with a group of her bikini clad size 6 posse in tow & splash about right in front of the complainers judgey faces.

Unlima Siempre:

It’ll be Islamic women that are complaining.


I want to reverse this complaint. A woman has been told she cannot wear her Burka at an Auckland Council Swimming pool, as its a swimming pool and the weight of the fabric is dangerous in the pool as it will get wet and heavy.

Wonder how that would go down with the perpetually outraged??

spanishbride obviously had no problem with the discussion she had prompted, joining the Muslim-bashing  thread:

I think i should take some time off work this week and go for a spa with my daughter. It sounds relaxing. I have a lovely navy bikini that needs an outing. I’d like to see them try to boss her around. Yeah, sounds like a plan.

And this wasn’t an isolated example. The following day SB posted Now they are coming for our ANZAC day

And so it begins. Cultural and historical ANZAC commemorations are shut down. Two ANZAC day parades so far in New Zealand have been cancelled that I know of and I am sure that there will be more to come. One is the Papakura ANZAC parade. The other is the Matakana ANZAC service.

The reason given for the cancellation of one of them is the threat of “Vehicular terrorism.” Trucks of peace in other (politically incorrect) words.

I can’t imagine that the high terror threat is coming from Greenie eco-Fascists as Tarrant described himself. Why would they target an ANZAC day parade? I can’t imagine White supremacists targeting ANZACS either. I wonder where the threat could possibly be coming from?

It’s obvious where threats of intolerance, division and potentially violence are coming from – Atkins. One comment (from Tiger):

I can’t imagine that the high terror threat is coming from Greenie eco-Fascists as Tarrant described himself. Why would they target an ANZAC day parade? I can’t imagine White supremacists targeting ANZACS either. I wonder where the threat could possibly be coming from?

spanishbride was also active in comments:

This is not surprising. We are merely following in the footsteps of Europe where Jewish celebrations have been cancelled by the government who said they could not protect them. It starts happening after the first terror attack and then the next year they find an excuse to cancel it again and before you know it historical and cultural celebrations have been removed due to the ongoing terror alert.

Juana Atkins appears to be managing Whale Oil now, and controlling content. She seems intent on continuing to stoke insidious Islamophobia.

The persistence and volume of these niggles and attacks and fearmongering posts and comments, orchestrated by Atkins, makes me wonder whether Whale Oil could be labelled a hate site.

Whale Oil’s golden rule of commenting:

Each comment should:

  • be on the topic of the post
  • add information, a point of view or a contribution of some substance and
  • be respectful and do no harm to others.

While the volume of Islamophobic comments appear to be ‘on the topic’ (or intent of the topic), and add points of view adding substance to Atkins attacks and provocations, she makes a mockery of “be respectful and do no harm to others”.


Doctor stood down for Whale Oil post now reinstated

A doctor, who had posted and commented at Whale Oil under the pseudonym MacDoctor for years, and was stood down from his job after a complaint was made about a post at Whale Oil about immigrants. He has now been reinstated after giving assurances about his online behaviour.

20 March (Stuff): Comments by doctor on Whaleoil blog spark complaint

An Auckland doctor has been stood down after a complaint about his posts on the Whaleoil blog.

Another doctor who wanted to remain anonymous, complained to the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care. He said McVeagh, as MacDoctor, was making comments in a public form that were inappropriate for a medical professional.

He said McVeagh’s patients should know that he held such views, particularly if they were from the groups concerned. “I think it’s unacceptable as a medical practitioner to be writing these sorts of things, then going to see these patients.”

Westgate Medical Centre said McVeagh had been stood down while an investigation was conducted.

McVeagh had made comments on Whaleoil including suggesting homosexual people had usually been abused and that “transgenderism” was driven by a political agenda. He joked about Norway giving refugee status to cannibals.

McVeagh said his opinions were “just that, opinions”.

“They are  – I think – well-argued and reasonable in the main. I assume that the ‘complaint’ is from someone who disagrees with me.

He said the comments highlighted were made a couple of years ago.

“The … posts are general observations from my practice and reflect my experience. I treat my gay and transsexual patients with empathy and respect but I hold no love for people who use them to drive their own agendas…My opinions are mine and do not represent my place of work in any way, of course.”

22 March (Whale Oil): Wanted: Witchfinders

Don’t forget Macdoctor, whose comments on this blog have been sensible and level headed, but someone out there dislikes him enough to trawl through his comments from a couple of years ago (probably in response to a terrorist event somewhere) and have got him stood down, possibly fired.

We featured Macdoctor as Commenter of the Week last October, and here is one of his comments on the subject of immigration. I think you will agree that he is far from hateful, but rather thoughtful and believes we should follow due process, in immigration as in everything.

When haters abound, good people are shot down. Macdoctor is a victim of a personal vendetta, not a white supremacist.

When haters abound, good people are shot down. Macdoctor is a victim of a personal vendetta, not a white supremacist.

That doesn’t sound like a very thoughtful comment to me. It actually sounds like it could be quite inaccurate.

Guardian (3 October 2018): Manus Island refugees and asylum seekers petition PNG chief justice over ‘unfair’ delay

The petition, signed by 368 men and delivered in Port Moresby on Wednesday morning, stems back to the April 2016 supreme court ruling that the Australian-run detention centre on Manus Island was unconstitutional and unlawful.

Asylum seekers and refugees have sought compensation and the opportunity to apply for PNG travel documents, which would allow resettlement in other countries.

We have been held in PNG for almost five years; six of us have died while we have been waiting. Our case was argued before the supreme court on 6 April 2018. It is now many months, we are waiting for our case to be finalised. For us, justice delayed is justice denied.

Behrouz Boochani, a Kurdish Iranian journalist and refugee who has been on Manus Island for more than five years, said the group had been working with the court for years and was now asking for its “historic” ruling.

A number of the Manu Island refugees have been resettled in the United States.

From Whale Oil 9 February 2019 Sunday Roast – “Macdoctor spooned out the first helping of hangi cooked kumara.”

Once again. Colonization has brought Maori deliverance from genocide and cannibalism. It has brought them education, healthcare, modern conveniences and infrastructure. It has doubled their life-span. It has gifted them almost entire industries, large swathes of tourism and over-representation in places of power.

And what do they complain about? Land. Land that they scrabbled an existence out of by subsistence farming and hunter-gathering. Land that not one complainer could be stuffed to farm properly or make some other productive use out of. Give me strength.

From Whale Oil 9 March 2019 The Sunday RoastMacDoctor was also quick with his diagnosis of Peters’ pestilence:

What a vile creep. And surrounded by a pack of sycophantic laughing hyenas. And where was the Speaker? Laughing with his mates instead of reprimanding Peters.

So this is what “Kindness” looks like to the jackals we have running the country?

I’d certainly prefer not to have a doctor who had such wide intolerances of people.

29 March (NZ Doctor): MacDoctor cleared for work

Jim McVeagh’s employer has received assurances of his future online conduct.

“We have concluded that Dr McVeagh should return to work where he will continue to provide a vital service for the health and wellbeing of our community”.

I don’t know enough to judge whether standing him down was justified. It could have been imposed, or it could have been by mutual agreement to be seen to be addressing it.

Assurances and reinstatement seems a reasonable resolution.

This raised a number of issues, including professional versus private lives, posting on a prominent blog anonymously, searching through online history, and whether the standing down was appropriate or not.

I think that there is one important lesson from this. Many people have good reasons for posting and commenting under pseudonyms online, but whatever one says in public online should be regarded as potentially becoming identified. So only post things that you would be comfortable saying under your real name.

I haven’t seen the reinstatement mentioned at Whale Oil. Over the past couple of weeks they had run a series of posts (four) that said:  Whaleoil WARNING: Don’t let the MSM snoop on your private life


We currently advise commenters that due to a hysterical witch hunt led by the MSM that you all set your Disqus accounts to private for now.

My advice to Whale Oil – things you say can come back to bite you.

It has been common for a long time for various media – including Whale Oil – to publicise things that people had said online, so they should have been well aware of the risks that every author and commenter took.

And there is some major hypocrisy here – Slater was named as complainant in the private prosecutions of myself and others. This involved a lot of hysterical witch hunt type trawling through my posts (not just by Slater) in an effort to find something to convict and imprison me for. There are signs that this is still happening.

If you think that everything you say online you could happily stand by later in person then you have nothing to worry about.


Liquidated Whale Oil company owes more than half a million dollars

The liquidator of Social Media Consultants has already issued her first report. While total debts are unknown (including the bank and IRD) Sundry Creditors total $519,625, and there’s another $146,361 owed to the shareholder Current Account, and subscribers with an estimated $5,000 paid in advance.

Most of the sundry creditors are likely to be lawyers bills and court awarded costs in several defamation proceedings Cameron Slater and Social media Consultants Limited remain embroiled in.

The only assets apart from $856 in the bank and $4,538 debtors are Intangibles – listed as blog, domain name and IP.


Slater’s stroke may have had some impact on ongoing income, but his legal costs must have had most impact. he was hit with several expensive legal whammies in the weeks just before and after he had his stroke.

$5,000 doesn’t sound a lot for 300+ subscribers. perhaps most of them are only paying monthly. That would be a prudent approach at this stage.

Who would be interested in buying Whale Oil?

It’s difficult to know what the blog and website address would be worth. It would hardly be a going concern, and it could be an expensive hobby.

The liquidator states that a priority is obtaining a legal opinion on “the ability to sell the blog which contains personal information that may be subject to legal proceedings in the future”. It could be a big job checking the vast content still online for legal risks.

There might be most value from someone who had an interest in buying Whale Oil to shut the blog down and scrap all contents. That would be a huge fall from the heights it reached five years ago. Dirty Politics probably precipitated the fall, but the ongoing legal issues ended up being the most damaging.

Slater has ruled himself out of involvement in the blog, and it’s difficult to see how the current sole shareholder, Juana Atkins, can continue there either. Atkins has done a huge job reorganising and running Whale Oil over the last few months, but she may not see much for her efforts.

NZ Herald:  Whale Oil company owes more than $670,000 – liquidator

I can find no sign of this news on Whale Oil, nor of the company going into liquidation earlier in the week.

They are still advertising subscriptions and meat. They have shuffled things to different companies, but this must be a but suspect, especially the subscriptions.

Changes to moderation of website comments

Moderation of comments is an ongoing challenge on any online forum.

Facebook have just announced they are clamping down on ‘hate speech’ and the promotion of racism and white supremacy.

I posted recently about Stuff imposes extensive commenting restrictions.

Yesterday Whale Oil posted about this – Stuff follows Whaleoil’s lead but then takes it one step too far – claimed credit for being a leader in moderation.

Whaleoil five years or so ago broke new ground when we committed to a comprehensive moderation system to make our commenting section a respectful and pleasant place in which to debate ideas.

Pleasant for those left allowed to comment, although posts and comments still attacked people through derogatory and insulting images and name calling.

And that post is heavy on hypocrisy and light on admitting their own heavy handed censorship on some topics, but I don’;t want to get into that here.

Kiwiblog has long been labelled a cesspit due to fairly unfettered commenting policies. David Farrar initiated changes after the Christchurch attacks, has just announced more detail on major changes.

New proposed moderation policy

Commenting on Kiwiblog is a privilege not a right. The privilege will be removed for repeated unacceptable comments.

Unacceptable comments include but are not limited to:


Do not make comments that could expose Kiwiblog or yourself to defamation.


Trolling is an attempt to deliberately disrupt a conversation by being grossly offensive or massively off topic.

Comments on a post should be a response to the topic of the post. While some thread drift is inevitable, do not try to divert the thread into another topic. Use the daily General Debate for other topics.

There are several equivalents herfe for general topics:

  • World view – for international news and topics of interest
  • Open Forum – to discuss anything of interest
  • Social chat – for general social chat, not for debate
  • Media watch – links to things of interest on media issues or mostly New Zealand news

I allow a lot of flexibility on what is talked about where, except for Social Chat.

Personal Abuse

Attack arguments, not people. It will generally be unacceptable to call someone a moron, but it will be acceptable to say their argument is moronic. That may seem a fine distinction, but an important one. However don’t try and push the distinction to breaking point. If you say that someone’s argument has the integrity of a syphilitic pygmy (for example), then that would find you with a warning or strike.

Abusive nicknames for MPs such as “Ardern the liar”, “Golly G”, “Simple Simon” will be unacceptable. You can critique something they have said or done, but not just repeat an abusive nickname.

That sort of name calling is still prevalent at Whale Oil. It has long been unacceptable here.

Gratitious references to attributes people have no control over

People can’t choose their gender, race, skin colour or sexual orientation. There will be times when those attributes about a public figure can be a legitimate discuss in in relation to an political event.

But slagging off someone on the basis of something they can’t control is unacceptable.


Grossly offensive generalisations are not acceptable either. Treat people as individuals. This is not to say one can’t discuss group characteristics (such as why certain races are over-represented in crime statistics), but it should be done in a way which is not derogatory of the entire group.

Lumping 1.5 billion Muslims all in together is almost certainly going to be unacceptable. One can criticize a religion and/or specific acts or teachings. But don’t attribute things to every follower of a religion. Be as specific as you can. If there was an attack by Islamic extremists, say “Islamic extremists” instead of “Muslims”.

The same applies here to political lumping such as ‘the left’ or ‘the right’.


There is some tolerance for swearing so long as it is not directed at someone. Calling someone a c**t is almost never acceptable, but the use of the word in other contexts may be. Telling someone to f**k off is not acceptable.

Personal Details

Give other commenters the courtesy of referring to them by the name or alias they use on this blog. Do not reveal personal details about them such as their name, address, phone number etc. unless it is somehow connected to a public issue. If in doubt, check.

It’s good to see DPF finally taking control of comments at Kiwiblog.

I agree with all of these policies, they are similar to what I have used here – I see them more as guidelines than rules , but I put a big emphasis on decent comment and respect of others while allowing for robust debate and some jocularity.

You get better debate without abuse and without general or targeted attacks – especially when arguments are backed with facts and sound reasoning.

There’s been a lot of moaning at Kiwiblog about the change. Like:

Shut the hell up you Fascist!

Bye bye

But this is what fernglaas said:

You’ll get less commenters, but the quality of them will be vastly improved. The anonymity of the internet gives freedom of expression to many but also provides a platform for cowards, bullies and those who prefer prejudice to facts. I wish you the best in trying to balance the objectives you have set out. I don’t envy you.

Moderation is difficult, but I wish DPF the best with his latest changes.

Jumping the Whale, piling on Godwin and hypocrisy

While the main victims were those killed and injured in the Christchurch mosque attacks, and their families  and friends and the Muslim community, but it also impacted on wider New Zealand.

But some are taking Government reactions to the attacks as gross over-reactions, and are claiming themselves to be victims as the country as we know it is coming to an end. Some have jumped the shark, likening the aftermath to Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

From one day at Whale Oil (yesterday):

Guest Post (Mike Loder): What reasonable person would accept this?

Media next hailed the ‘Responsible shooter’ for handing in his gun. For the public good. They left out the part where he is a Green Party candidate and hates guns. Details. Goebbels would blush at the propaganda forced on a caring population this past week.

Hart was a Green candidate in 2017 but isn’t now. He handed in a rifle not a gun (a technicality, but something most people into firearms would know) . I have seen nothing in any of the reports about John Hart handing in his semi-automatic rifle that he ‘hates guns’. He had owned the rifle for about ten years and just handed it in on principle of removing the most dangerous firearms from circulation.  CNN reported:

He said he had purchased the semi-automatic firearm to help with killing goats and wild pigs to aid in pest control on the farm. Hart said he still has other guns on the farm for “chores and euthanizing animals.”

He still owns ‘other guns’, not a sign of hate.

There is unlikely to be any blushing at Whale Oil over the propaganda they have published, but there should be.

Christie We should all walk away from social media

The overreaction to the Christchurch massacre continues.

Notably at Whale Oil.

Duncan Garner thinks that, because he allowed social media to run his life, we all do that, but he is wrong. Not everyone who drinks wine is an alcoholic. Some people can manage these things in moderation. Because Duncan Garner cannot do that, he wants social media to be banned for the rest of us.

We really do seem to be living in Germany in the 1930s, don’t we?

There is nothing quoted in the post that supports the claim that Garner wants social media banned.

SB:  I’m scared of our government

The post is headed with a photo captioned “Georges Blind, a member of the French resistance, smiling at a German firing squad, October 1944.”

In only a couple of weeks, the most unimaginable things have started happening. I feel like I am living in an Orwellian novel and I keep waiting and hoping for a political hero like President Trump to stand up and protect New Zealand.

Censorship has come out of left field, and media are leading the charge to control what can and can’t be discussed. Stasi-like vigilante groups are being formed to spy on New Zealanders and to add them to lists.

Censorship has been a round for a long time – and has been used extensively at Whale Oil since 2014 to to control what can and can’t be discussed there.

Organisations, as well as individuals, are going to be accused of hate speech or of being hate groups and people are going to be metaphorically lined up against a wall and shot (deplatformed) by the thought-police.

Will my future grandchildren be able to read my articles or will they and I disappear down the memory hole? How long will it be before I am labelled a dissident and a non-person? It is not only bullets that can destroy a person.

The most likely reason SB’s articles will disappear will be as a result of legal and financial holes dug and dug deeper by her husband Cameron Slater, who is finding that abusing social media power and stupidity, and failing accept responsibility and instead claiming to be a victim, can contribute to self destruction.

A comment by Opal:

It’s the same feeling of unreality that must have been in Nazi Germany of 1930s. It fooled many Jewish citizens – this couldn’t happen in cultured civilized Germany.

“Nazi Germany of 1930s” seems to be a theme, if not a meme.