Tahu Potiki compares Owen Glenn and Ngai Tahu

Tahu Potiki makes an interesting comparison betwen Owen Glenn…

I was staggered to learn of the $80 million donation made by Owen Glenn to assist in the battle against the social malady that is domestic violence in New Zealand.

He has already proven his generosity by donating to worthy causes and projects, but this surely stands out as the single most generous personal donation to a single community issue such as this in New Zealand’s history.

…and Ngai Tahu…

I could tell you for a fact that Ngai Tahu has spent more than $80m since settlement on bureaucracy, political manoeuvring, governance and public relations.

They have spent nothing like that on housing, health, welfare and domestic safety of their tribal members.

Potiki is challenged by some values…

Over the past 20 years I have been involved in several interesting and exciting discussions and developments amongst iwi planning for their futures in a post- settlement world.

In many, if not most, instances when the question of iwi investment in social issues that impact upon Maori arises the expectation is on the government to resolve the problems.

In theory I agree that the government has the primary responsibility to address these matters, but maybe social policy from an iwi perspective requires revisiting.

Serious comparison.

He also expresses admiration for Willie Apiata’s new choice of career in his Press column.