O’Connor may cross floor over windfall timber

There seems to be some disagreement in the Labour caucus over the plan to use windfall timber from the West Coast.

National claim to have the support of the Maori Party and United Future (and also NZ First although Peters seemed to contest that).

David Cunliffe started a typical yeah/nah stance yesterday – Playing politics with West Coast windfall trees

It now looks like Damien O;Connor will try to get some amendments but will cross the floor to vote for it anyway:

RadioLIVE Newsroom ‏@LIVENewsDesk

Labour’s Damien O’Connor will cross Parliament’s floor and vote in favour of native logging, if his party decides to vote against it.

This has sort of been confirmed by Moana Mackey:

Christian Hermansen ‏@chermansen__

@tauhenare @clarecurranmp Majority just increased anyway, Damien O’Connor will cross the floor


@chermansen__ @tauhenare @clarecurranmp only at third reading if govt votes down all his very sensible amendments

Labour have manouvered themselves into a stupid position on this, all over a small proportion of blown over trees.

UPDATE:  Two Labour MPs support Government’s West Coast timber legislation 

Two Labour MPs will cross the floor to support the government’s legislation the enabling the harvesting of windblown timber on West Coast conservation land.

West Coast-Tasman MP Damien O’Connor, and Te Tai Tonga MP Rino Tirikatene, will support the bill, in their capacities as local MPs for the area.

The remaining Labour MPs will oppose the legislation, because it’s being rushed through parliament under urgency – with no public consultation.