Driving licenses, WoFs and vehicle registrations extended past expiry

It was obvious that leeway would need to be given on vehicle warrant of fitnesses that expire while under lockdown. The Government is addressing this as well as some vehicle registrations and license renewals. (Most people should be able to renew vehicle registrations online).

Any that expired after 1 January 2020 will be extended “for up to six months from 10 April 2020” – that’s a bit vague but could be dependent on when the lockdown is eased.

I hope this will also cover us for insurance.

Licenses, WoFs and regos extended under lockdown

All driver licences, WoFs, CoFs, and some vehicle certifications, that expired on or after 1 January 2020 will be valid for up to six months from 10 April 2020, Transport Minister Phil Twyford has announced.

“People shouldn’t have to worry about getting fined for having an expired document if driving to use essential services or as an essential worker during the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown,” Phil Twyford said.

“That’s why we have provided an extension to give certainty to the public that they won’t be issued infringement notices for using their vehicles appropriately. It’ll still be up to drivers to keep their vehicles safe and I urge owners to follow the NZ Transport Agency’s advice and regularly self-check their vehicle.

“We’re asking drivers before they set off, to give it a TWIRL – check your Tyres, Windscreen, wipers, mirrors, and Indicators, look for Rust, and test your Lights.

“We are allowing essential repairs, like sorting out punctured tyres or damaged windscreens. If anything looks out of order, please go get it fixed as soon as you can.

“Drivers will still need to be medically fit to drive, comply with relevant restrictions and conditions on their licence and obey all road rules. Any licence suspensions and disqualifications will also continue to apply.

“The extension will give people and businesses plenty of time after the lockdown to renew their documents without putting extra pressure on them when they are already likely to be stressed,” Phil Twyford said.

Other changes include license endorsements that expire on or after 1 March 2020 will be extended and there will be a suspension of the requirement to display a current vehicle licence (rego) if it expired on or after 1 January 2020.


Monthly warrant of fitness? For drivers?

From NZ Herald – Ex top cop hits out at change to WoF rules

A former top police officer says the road toll will climb within a few years because of “narrow-minded” changes to the warrant of fitness regime.

Mr Kearns, who stepped down in 2010 ending a 28-year career as a traffic cop, said it was naive to compare New Zealand and other countries’ warranting systems when implementing the changes as most other countries had far superior driving behaviour records and very few accepted secondhand Japanese import cars.

“New Zealanders aren’t very well-behaved on the roads and, personally, I see the road toll will increase because of this,” he said.

“They might save $159 million but each road death has a social cost of about $3 million per person so they will start to whittle that saving down quickly with any extra road deaths that may occur.”

If increasing the period between Warrants will increase deaths and costs then would decreasing the period reduce deaths and costs? If so, why not have monthly WoF?

Obviously there has to be a balance, and that’s what politicians do, they balance up pros and cons and make decisions.

Mechanical defects are only a small factor in road deaths. Poor driving and alcohol cause many more deaths and cost much more.

Should we have six monthly warants of fitness to drive?

Should we breath test much more frequently?