Ardern mania a self fulfilling media prophecy?

A gushy Barry Soper writes about whether journalists will keep writing gushy stories about Jacinda Ardern.

Also from NZ Herald in the weekend:

When Woman’s Weekly won over the Parliamentary Gallery, or the Herald at least.

WTF Andy and Cindy

I know I’m not in the target demographic but I really wonder who thought this was a good idea, apart from Andrew Little, Jacinda Ardern and Anthony at The Standard who posted in praise of Labour’s leadership team:

Labour’s new tactic of featuring a leadership team seems to be working well.

The Woman’s Weekly piece is gold for Labour (and it has the added benefit of annoying Mathew Hooton). We’re going to be seeing a lot more of Andrew and Jacinda…

It doesn’t help looking like having an arm around and having a website.



Jacinda Ardern & Andrew Little

Our Special Bond

Jokes, road trips and whisky sessions

It’s certainly a different image for the leader and deputy leader of the main opposition party.

Perhaps they have done their research and this will attract new or ex voters to Labour, but I’m quite gobsmacked by this – not so much by Ardern, she seems to like promoting herself via women’s magazines.

But I really don’t think Little is doing himself any favours allowing himself to be promoted with his arm around a young colleague.

And that’s a rapid ‘special bonding’, they have only been a leadership item for a few weeks.